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Release Notes: Interactive Recording

Don’t just watch, but interact with content directly with videos you record in a Switchboard room

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Watching and recording videos to learn or explain something is now so easy that we even do it at work. There’s still a catch though—Loom videos and screen recordings are one-way communications, so viewers can’t interact directly with the video's content. This erodes productivity and clarity with context switching, searching for the right files, and toggling between the video and other tabs. Plus, video messages live apart from your work, so your comments and feedback go to yet another tool, and finding the right video quickly can be challenging.

This is where our newest feature, Interactive Recordings, bridges the gap in a big way. Video creators can add all the content they’re going to talk through into one Switchboard room and cruise through it seamlessly. That experience then gets passed on to viewers, who can pause the video and jump to that exact app or file in the room. The recording itself, all the working files it references, subsequent feedback and comments teammates leave… they all live under one roof in a Switchboard room.

What are interactive recordings?

With interactive recordings, you can now create videos that not only capture what you say and do inside a room, but also allow your viewers to access the content you’re showing directly—adding a crucial layer of context without extra work on your end, nor spreading it out across different tabs and messages. 

That means you can share anything in different tools, apps, files, and webpages more cohesively, while providing detailed instructions, feedback, or an update on top of them. Instead of merely watching a video, viewers can take action, pausing to access the featured content directly, right in the room. 

Record a video right on the canvas
Share one url with your video and content on one canvas.
Record your own interactive video, or watch one of our examples in a template room.

Examples of when to create interactive recordings

Though you can create a recording in any room for just about anything, here are a few of our most impactful examples:

  • Share a project update or announcement
  • Give a tutorial or walk a teammate through a process
  • Handing off work to another team/teammate
  • Leave your team with clear instructions while you’re out of office
  • Onboarding a teammate or customer
  • Give or incorporate feedback
  • Provide a metrics readout

How do interactive recordings work?

Video creators can: 

  • Show and interact live with apps and content on the canvas while recording.
  • Provide a general overview or detailed step by step instructions.
  • Record just the room or include yourself as well.

Viewers can:

  1. Pause anytime and your canvas will automatically sync with what the video canvas shows.
  2. Jump right in to do work on the content already inside the room. No searching for the docs after viewing.
  3. Comment directly on any content featured in the video instead of on the video itself.

How to create an interactive recording

Now that you know what you can do with an interactive recording, here’s how you can create one:

1. Head to a Switchboard room, and add any content you want to show in your video. (You can also create and add content as you go.)

2. Hit the recording icon in the top left and choose the type of recording you want to make:

Choose a recording style
Choose between a room recording, screen recording, or interactive walkthrough.

Room recording—Best if you plan on interacting with the content, or adding to the canvas (e.g., providing feedback on a doc, giving a tutorial for something)

Walkthrough—Best for videos where you want to focus attention on one thing or have the viewer take action (e.g., getting viewer to vote on something or add sticky notes with ideas)

Screen recording—Best if you plan on showing things outside of Switchboard (e.g., designs in a desktop app)

3. Record your video! When you’re finished, click the recording button again.

4. Anyone who’s a room member can watch it by heading to the Recordings tab of the right nav. Share the link or @mention teammates in a comment inside the room. 

recordings menu
Find all of your videos in one place

5. Viewers can watch the video, and jump to the canvas at any time to take action!

add a comment
Comment on anything in the room.

Check out our help article for a full tutorial on interactive recordings.

Every minute of your work day is valuable. With interactive recordings, we hope that the time you save not being stuck in meetings, preparing new slide decks, or trying to find the right doc not only gives you more focus to get work done, but also makes the time you do spend with colleagues more meaningful and productive as well.

Stop, collaborate, and listen

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