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Publish your Switchboard room to the web, copy the link, set a default app the room opens to, allow viewers to save a copy.
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Release Notes: Published Rooms

A more dynamic way to share your content with anyone.

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Whether you’re a content creator, a sales team sharing case studies, or a startup with your pitch at the ready, we wanted to give you a better way to share these materials with your audiences to give them a dynamic, interactive experience—versus, say, a long list of links, or a static folder. Enter published rooms. Published rooms have the potential to change how you share and interact with room content, whether with your team, customers, clients, or your followers at large. Here’s how:

What are published rooms?

Normally, when you share content across apps, files, multimedia, or ideas, there isn’t one place where you can bring it all together and show it in a cohesive way. The magic of a Switchboard room makes that possible. Published rooms, then, take that one step further to broaden the audience of who you can share your room with.

For example, if you create and share content, instead of sharing a post with links to different sites and resources, you can put everything in a room, publish it, then share that one room URL. Or if you’re on a sales team and have industry- or team-specific case studies and content you like to bundle for prospects, you can put all of it into your room, publish it, and share. Anybody with the URL will be able to view, click on, and explore content in the room and even save a copy for themselves. Though viewers can move things around and play with the room around on their end, they won’t change your master copy (nor will they have any visibility into your Switchboard workspace.)

Here are a few more ideas for what you could share with published rooms:

  1. Your company’s unique framework for something (check out our core values example below)
  2. A workshop format
  3. Your portfolio
  4. Educational materials + curriculums
  5. Your best templates for doing anything
Check out our company core values published room to see how it works!

How to use published rooms

Publishing your room and sharing it happens in three steps outlined below. You can learn more about room publishing settings and steps in our support center article.

1. Add your content to the room. You can put just about anything you want in the room. Use browsers to show any webpage or tool. Attach any files, images, or documents. Add sticky notes for short call outs or tips.

2. Introduce your room with an interactive recording. Welcome the viewer and explain what’s in the room. The viewer can pause, jump to the canvas, and interact with exactly what you’re showing in the video.

3. Publish and share. Once your content is ready to go, click the Share button, head to the Publish tab, and publish your room. You can even choose a default piece of content that the room opens to (like your recording). Share this URL with anyone who wants to see it!

💡 Pro tip: You can choose the option to Save a copy to make it possible for a viewer to make an exact copy of all the content in your room for their own use that they can further modify as needed. 

What happens when you share a published room URL?

When you publish a room, anyone with the link can see the room’s content. However, each viewer will have their own viewing experience, so any changes they make or things they  play around with will not impact your original published room, or how others view it.  

Your published room isn’t an indexable web page. The only way it can spread is if you directly share it, or by word of mouth. Anyone who views your room will only be able to see the room’s contents—they will not be added as a member of your workspace or have the ability to see other rooms you have in Switchboard. Get the full breakdown of room permissions and viewer functionality here.

With published rooms, you can truly showcase all your content together in whatever form it takes with just one URL for all. We hope published rooms make sharing and consuming content a better experience for you and your audience.

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