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Switchboard selected as TIME 2022 Best Invention

TIME recognizes Switchboard as one of 2022's groundbreaking inventions that are making the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun.

Deborah Kelson
VP of Marketing

We’re over the moon to announce that Switchboard has been selected as one of TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions in the Productivity category. Every year TIME recognizes products, software, and services that are taking innovative approaches to solving some of society’s most pressing problems. In the past this prestigious list, curated by the editors of TIME, has included everything from running shoes to robots.

The Productivity category honors inventions that streamline the way we work. We launched a public beta of our remote collaboration software in May 2022 with the goal of making teamwork the best part of work. This award is a signal that Switchboard is having a positive impact on how distributed teams work together.

Recognizing the need for collaboration tools that better emulated the in-person experience, our technology team developed a browser-based platform that moves beyond passive communication and screen-sharing towards a remote work experience that allows for true side-by-side engagement with the whole team participating. 

“For the first time, distributed teams can gather in team rooms for recurring meetings to save prep time, in project rooms to keep everybody on the same page, and in customer rooms to reduce churn," said Founder and CEO Amir Ashkenazi. "Video conferencing tools saved the economy but companies deserve a solution that’s purpose built for remote collaboration with multiplayer browsers, content permanence, and connected tools.”

Since our May 2022 launch, we’ve raised a $25M Series A led by Icon Ventures, been crowned the “future of online meetings” in a Fast Company feature, received recognition as one of the 20 Rising Stars on Forbes' Cloud 100 List, and have helped thousands of teams, clients, and customers work better together when they’re apart.

Over the next year, we’re doubling down on improving the crisis of disconnection that remote work can cause. We know that remote work is here to stay and we are unwavering in our pursuit of a solution that fosters connection as much as it does productivity. The future of work has arrived and we can choose to embrace it or resist it. Because regardless of whether people work at home, are hybrid, or sit in an office, we are all remote workers. This award provides momentum to push the boundaries of the browser to make remote collaboration as good as in person.

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