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Tracy Patch


Tracy joined Switchboard a few months ago to help people work better remotely!

Recent posts

5 best virtual employee engagement platforms for remote teams

Five virtual employee engagement platforms that can help you make remote workspaces fun, open, and interactive to boost employee engagement.

4 creative ways to communicate with remote employees

Remote teams rely on async and written communication. But they don’t always have to. Here’s how to keep internal comms creative and fresh.

8 ways to create a positive and engaging remote work culture

Create a positive remote work culture for your teams with these 8 steps. Boost engagement, improve communication, and keep everyone in sync.

9 ways to build remote team productivity into your company’s DNA

To help your remote team do their best work, you need to have the right tools and practices in place. Here’s how to lay the groundwork for remote productivity.

A leader’s guide to effective virtual teamwork

Collaborative teams perform better. Here are 6 ways to lead by example and consciously develop virtual collaboration in the workplace.

The ultimate guide to managing a remote team

Effective remote team management can be tough. Check out our list of 8 tips for managing and motivating your team better, and 3 things to avoid.

7 best communication tools for remote teams

Remote communication can happen on any tool. Stay connected and collaborate effectively with your team with these top internal communication tools.

4 remote team collaboration tools to drive productivity by keeping teams focused

For more focused remote teams, you need to empower them with the right tools. Here are four team collaboration tools to boost engagement and focus.

The 5 best free video conferencing platforms in 2023

Traditional video conferencing tools can cause people to switch off. Here are the best free video conferencing platforms for remote collaboration.

5 online meeting rooms to empower your remote teams

Online meetings aren’t going anywhere. To make them more productive, you need the right tools. Here is the top online meeting room software.

7 ways company leaders can inspire team collaboration

Collaborative teams perform better. Here are 7 steps remote leaders can take to create a great company culture and inspire team collaboration.

5 visual collaboration tools to inspire your remote teams

Remote collaboration can be tough without a whiteboard to gather around. Here are the top 6 visual collaboration tools to help get the magic back.

5 Google Meet alternatives for remote team collaboration

Want a multiplayer experience that lets you truly collaborate with your remote company? Check out our list of the top 5 Google Meet alternatives.

The 3 best SpatialChat alternatives for remote teams

Remote teams need an online workspace platform that’s designed for collaboration—like these 3 SpatialChat alternatives.

7 document collaboration tools to revolutionize the way you work

Remote organizations thrive on effective document sharing, collaboration, and management. Here are the top tools for successful document collaboration.

How real-time document collaboration can benefit your remote team

Sometimes you need to collaborate in real-time to get the best results. Here’s why it can beat async working and how Switchboard can help.

3 internal collaboration tools to collaborate like a pro

Want to know the best way for your team to collaborate effectively? Check out our list of the 3 best internal collaboration tools for remote teams.

5 Virtual meeting tools to connect your remote teams

Creating a collaborative culture can be hard for remote teams. Discover how virtual meeting tools help boost productivity and keep everyone connected.

6 best practices to inspire productive team collaboration

Here are the values, best practices, and tools remote and hybrid teams need to write their success story on team collaboration.

The 8 best internal communication tools to bring the best out in your remote teams

Stay connected with your remote or hybrid team with these top internal communication tools. Boost productivity, improve communication, and keep everyone in sync.

Internal communications for remote teams: best practices and how to do it

Effective internal communications for small remote teams can be tough. We explore the challenges you face and what you can do about them.

The 4 best virtual meeting rooms for successful online collaboration

Building a sense of community for remote teams can be hard. Discover how virtual meeting rooms can help boost team collaboration and connectivity.

The top 7 online workspaces for a remote team’s success

A dedicated online workspace can create a bridge between isolated workers and the company as a whole, fostering crucial cross-team alignment and a sense of community.

Virtual meetings: 10 best practices for remote teams

Frustrated with remote work and the disconnect it can create? Follow these best practices for virtual meetings for better productivity and collaboration.

Virtual team huddles: How to make them work for your company

Virtual collaboration can be tough on remote teams. Learn about virtual team huddles and how they can power rewarding remote communications.

The 5 best online meeting platforms for remote teams

Want to know what’s the best way for your team to meet online? Check out our list of the 5 best online meeting platforms for remote companies.

The 7 best virtual workspace software tools for remote teams

Remote team collaboration can be tough. Use our guide to the top virtual workspace software and level up team productivity and engagement.

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