Clear your calendar, clear your mind

Work as a team in a visual collaboration platform that organizes everything - people, applications, conversations - so you can cancel more meetings. And make the good ones better.

Product managers deal with many cross-functional players across tons of meetings and apps. Do it flawlessly with Switchboard.

Cancel status updates and make them async

Move inefficient meetings into rooms where your team can review and collaborate asynchronously in all of the apps your already use. Leave feedback and share updates in context.

Keep everyone on the same page

Rooms enable asynchronous workflows for team members to share audio, video, and text updates in context. Leave comments at a project level instead of at the app level.

Do more focused work

See all of your apps and files side by side instead of spread across tabs and messaging apps. Free up blocks of time to do the work that will move your projects forward, faster.

Every app you use to get work done together works in Switchboard


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