Buyer personas

Understand your ideal buyer

Investigate, share, and update your buyer persona insights in a single space so you can easily incorporate them into relevant work.

Buyer personas

Switchboard helps Marketing and Sales teams:

  • Build and showcase buyer personas in one expansive, interactive canvas.
  • Keep buyer persona work up-to-date in one place.
  • Share feedback and insights with videos, comments, and stickies.

Use any tool, including:


See and update personas in one place

Share buyer personas on an expandable, customizable canvas. Include research, persona docs, and feedback all-in-one place—and only update that one version in your room.


Get targeted help from AI

Our AI assistant can enhance your own research, and analyze and suggest based on content in your room. It can also help you quickly write up bios.


Educate your team about customers

Record video walkthroughs to bring your personas to life and educate your team about your personas and how to use these insights to inform their work.

Any tool, side-by-side

Any web-based tools and websites work natively in Switchboard’s browser. Just paste a URL into the canvas and you’re in. You can add images, videos, text, sticky notes, and PDFs too. 

All the tools you already use work with Switchboard

Craft your best buyer personas with:

  • Video conferencing inside the room
  • Browsers for any web app
  • Notepads, stickies, and open question apps for notes and to-dos
  • Interactive recordings to help train your team, share updates and feedback
  • AI summaries, and idea generation
  • Live chat and in-context comment threads
  • Voting apps for favorite ideas, etc.

Keep everyone on the same page

It all starts with a room in Switchboard—and we already built it for you.


Keep everyone on the same page

It all starts with a room in Switchboard—and we already built it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a buyer persona template?

A buyer persona template is a structured framework used by marketing and sales teams to help them create fictionalized representatives of their ideal customer profiles. This helps marketers and sales reps get in the mindset of their buyers, understand their motivations, pain points, and workflows so they can better tailor their messaging, strategies, and content to drive more engagement with buyers that fit the persona.

What are the benefits of creating a buyer persona in Switchboard?

Creating a buyer persona in Switchboard offers several benefits. You can get research help from a handy AI assistant that provides data tidbits to supplement your research, writes quick bios for your personas, and can help you analyze and summarize the information in the room. Switchboard allows you to showcase your personas with the right level of detail in various formats, avoiding the staleness of traditional presentations and documents. Personas can be locked down for editing while remaining accessible to others through a published room, ensuring they are viewable but unchangeable. Additionally, Switchboard facilitates stakeholder buy-in and feedback by providing a collaborative space where research inputs and persona outputs can be shared and reviewed together.

What’s included in this buyer persona template?

Our buyer persona template includes 2 sections, which you can further customize: 

  1. Basic info: A section with space to add images, docs, research, and more context about your buyer’s overall bio.
  2. Persona details: A section for you summarize the details about your buyer’s roles, responsibilities, success metrics, pain points, challenges, tool stack, and preferred communication methods across easy to skim sticky notes.

How do you write a buyer persona and what are the key components?

Give each buyer persona a real name; research their demographic details around job title, age, where they live, the types of companies they work for; understand their interests, behaviors, motivations, beliefs, and hobbies outside work. Take time to understand their goals, pain points, and buying patterns. As you gather your research about your buyers, you can use AI to help you summarize or write the persona profiles.


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