Company core values

Define your company’s belief system

Select your actionable set of company core values through this tried and true framework.

Company core values

Switchboard helps leadership teams:

  • Identify and curate a set of values that resonate.
  • Drive alignment with a step-by-step process.
  • Share your thought process with the team, while involving select stakeholders.

Use any tool you need, including:


Land on actionable values

Follow five simple steps to go from initial ideation to a complete set of actionable values.


Guide decisions with resources

Use our values framework and add in any of your own data, resources, and tools to help inform decisions.


Share your thought process

Work with select stakeholders live or async. Then share an interactive recording so everyone can see how you arrived at the values.

Use any tools you need

Any web-based tool works natively in Switchboard, making it easy to add customer interviews, product usage data, or any other insights that inform your values. Just paste a URL into the canvas and go.

All the tools you already use work with Switchboard

Guide how your company works together

Building a beloved company starts with buy-in from your own team. Get them on the same page with Switchboard.


Guide how your company works together

Building a beloved company starts with buy-in from your own team. Get them on the same page with Switchboard.

Company core values resources


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Step by step guide to defining your company core values

Create an actionable set of core values for your company through this tried and true process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a company values template?

A company template provides the structure for you to define an actionable set of values for your company.

Who should help define company values?

Creating core values should not be a consensus driven process. Even for the most collaborative culture, it’s important to select a small group of people to work on this together. Start by figuring out who needs to be involved. Most likely it’s the company’s leadership team, but there may be other culture champions. Regardless, the group should be small and committed to the process. Be sure to choose one person to lead the process. Once you’ve completed the process defined in this framework, you can share the URL to your Switchboard room with your team so they can see the thinking that went into the process. 

What’s included in this company values template?

Our company values template includes 5 steps: 

  1. Read blog post: Learn the methodology and framework before you dive in.
  2. Select values that resonate: Choose your list of possible company core values from the list of 100+ value ideas provided.
  3. Create word groups: Group all similar values together using a notepad for each 
  4. Choose a representative word: Choose one word within each group that represents the label for the entire group. Again, don’t overthink your labels – there are no right or wrong answers. You are defining the answer that makes sense to you.
  5. Make it actionable: Write the 5 representative values you picked on this notepad. Then, add a verb to each value so you can see what it looks like as an actionable core value. For example, if “integrity” is a value, then “Act with integrity” would be the statement.

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