Marketing brainstorming

Source and share your best ideas

Host interactive brainstorming sessions on an expandable canvas that fits all of your ideas, teammates, and inspo—live or async.

Marketing brainstorming

Switchboard helps Marketers:

  • Share ideas on an expandable, interactive canvas with sticky notes, browsers, images, and more.
  • Group existing ideas and generate new ones with AI assistance.
  • Brainstorm together live or async in the same shared space.
  • Get the creative juices flowing with ice breakers, polling, and open questions.

Use any tool, including:


Share a space as big as your ideas

Host your brainstorm on a canvas that expands to fit all ideas, in any format for the best of digital whiteboarding, with the fluidity of live sessions whether you’re remote, async, or hybrid.


Participate in different ways

Avoid groupthink and let all ideas shine with async sessions facilitated by interactive video recordings. The videos take participants right where they need to be on the canvas.


Summarize and organize with AI

Save time by asking our AI to summarize and organize the sticky notes in your brainstorm room. It can even provide suggestions for what to do next.

Any tool, side-by-side

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s browser apps—so you can pull in extra inspo or track follow-ups. Just paste a URL into the canvas and you’re in. You can add images, videos, text, sticky notes, and PDFs too.

All the tools you already use work with Switchboard

Run more effective brainstorms with:

  • Video conferencing inside the room
  • Browsers for any web app
  • Stickies, notepads, and open question apps for ideas, summaries, and to-dos
  • Interactive recordings to leave instructions for async brainstorms
  • AI summaries, and idea generation
  • Live chat and in-context comment threads
  • Voting apps for favorite ideas, designs, etc.

A space as big as your ideas

No matter where you are, you and your team can brainstorm its best ideas together in Switchboard.


A space as big as your ideas

No matter where you are, you and your team can brainstorm its best ideas together in Switchboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s included in this Marketing Brainstorm template?

Our Marketing Brainstorm template includes several sections, which you can further customize: 

  1. Agenda + Rules: A notepad and open questions app to set your agenda, brainstorming goals, and keep track of anything that comes up in the brainstorm. 
  2. Expandable “whiteboard” sections: Sections that can expand to any size you need to fit your prompts, sticky note responses, images, and anything else you need. You have sections for a prompt, idea categories, and prioritization, but can add more as needed. Our AI assistant can summarize or give ideas based on what’s in the room.
  3. Helpful Resources: Links to blogs with tips and instructions for facilitating your best brainstorming sessions.
  4. Sticky notes: An area with tons of sticky notes in different colors to quickly grab and jot ideas down on. You can add more in the toolbar at the bottom of the canvas.

How to run a marketing brainstorm session

  1. Define the session's objective and prepare an agenda with allotted times per agenda item. Depending on the type of brainstorm you might want to share the prompts beforehand, or keep them as a surprise to get off-the-cuff ideas. 
  2. Gather the right participants and clarify how they can participate. Using our template, you can facilitate live brainstorms on-site, remotely, or have everyone participate asynchronously. 
  3. Encourage open, non-judgmental sharing of ideas, ensuring everyone participates.
  4. Make sure each prompt has its own response space, and have participants create one sticky note per idea. 
  5. Set a timer to ensure you don’t run over time on both the free-flowing brainstorming portions, as well as the debriefs after when participants explain their answers. 
  6. Organize and categorize the ideas, then collaboratively prioritize them based on feasibility and impact. Follow-up with session takeaways, action items, and updates as a result of the brainstorm.

How to brainstorm creative ideas for a marketing campaign or content

  • Role-playing: Participants assume a role or have a customer persona/stakeholder in mind so different perspectives and needs are considered.
  • Rotate ideas: Write down ideas on stickies, then have teammates exchange their ideas with another. In round two, they will build on the ideas of their teammate.
  • Free associations, icebreakers and rapid-fire questions: Pose quick, unexpected or unrelated questions related to the topic to spur spontaneous thinking and spark new associations.
  • Engineer in reverse: Think about what would make the campaign fail and then reverse those ideas to find innovative solutions.
  • Moodboarding: Instead of jotting down written ideas, participants find images and visuals to support their ideas.
  • Share inspiration: Choose a primary source or example as inspiration to guide the responses.
  • SWOT Analysis: Conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to explore different angles and uncover unique ideas.
  • Play creative games: Try a game like “Exquisite Corpse” where each participant adds to an image or written description without knowing what it is.

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