Make your standups fast and focused

Everything you need for great standups ready to go—all in one place.

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    Prep once—and never worry about it again

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    Keep tasks organized and easy to find between standups

engineering and product standup room

The best standups are quick, organized, and to the point.

Persistent rooms—loaded up with your team’s apps, notes, and docs—let you run efficient standups that move projects forward. Every. Time.

save time on meeting prep

Stop wasting time on prep

Add agendas, sticky notes, your task tracking app…anything you regularly use. Persistent rooms mean they’ll be there when you need them.

Run smooth meetings

Stop swapping screen shares, toggling tabs, and getting flustered. Side-by-side multiplayer browsers, apps, and notes give everyone a bird’s eye view of their team’s work.

room with websites and sticky notes
open any browser in a room

Keep track between standups

Hop back into the standup room to review notes, watch past recordings, or find a document referenced three standups ago—it’s all there.


Everything you need for great standups—all in one place

Create a free room for your team’s standups and start saving time, today.