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Connect dots quickly in an Incident Response room

When things go sideways, your team needs to move fast.

Ready-to-go rooms have all the tools and apps you need to immediately get to work
Get a bird’s eye view of everything your team needs—instead of toggling tabs
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engineering and product standup room

When incidents come up, your remote team needs the immediacy of an always-on Incident Response room

People, files, and links in one central place will help your team move—and solve problems—quickly.

Save on prep time

Stop re-sharing links or searching for information. When all your tools, docs, and apps are in the same room, everyone on your team can move fast.

See the full picture

Easily display multiple dashboards and charts across different products, all at the same time. Google Docs, Amplitude, Linear—add whatever you need to make decisions together.

Make fast decisions as a team

Stop sharing links and toggling between screen shares. A multiplayer canvas let’s everyone get involved and work together to quickly solve problems.

Get your team’s Incident Response room now.

Create a free room for your team so you can solve important problems together—quickly.

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