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More personal and productive 1:1s

Bring back spontaneous conversations and make 1:1s engaging. How? By giving everyone a cursor and the ability to drive.

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Works with all the apps you already use

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A place to work together

Sometimes you just need to talk face to face to get things done quickly. Automatic 1:1 rooms with everyone in your workspace—with an ask to join button—make spontaneous conversations happen.


Share, don’t just show

In Switchboard, everyone has a cursor and the ability to add content for a more productive 1:1. Forget handing off the screen sharing baton and sorting through endless browser tabs.

Bring any URL into a Switchboard room. Rooms organize all of the apps and docs you already use in one place.


Rooms remember your progress

Find 1:1 docs, development plans, and any web apps or files where you left them. Anything you add to the room stays in the room so you can pick up right where you left off.

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