All the pieces of your project, together at last

Finally, everything connected to a project, living together in one place. Bring all the scattered pieces of your project together in one permanent virtual room the whole team can access any time.

Works with all the apps you already use

Plus thousands more!

A project meeting reviewing reports, a presentation, and an agenda document

Meeting rooms that are ready when you are

Tired of resharing docs and links every meeting? Everything you share is saved in your project room when the meeting is done. Meeting prep—done. Browser tabs—cleared.


See everything you need, all in one space

Project scope in a PDF? Tasks in a PM tool? Presentation in Google Slides? Add them all to the room. It works with every tool you need.

Add cloud browsers, files, images, videos, PDFs, sticky notes, or just share your screen.
A team goes reviews a project roadmap together in Switchboard using in linear and add tasks to a sprint

No more awkward screen sharing

Virtual meetings designed to put collaboration first. No more fumbling between screen shares. Drive your project forward with shared control of everything in the room.


It's time to get a room
(for free!)

Nothing to download, nothing to install