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Stand up war rooms that can advance your most complex projects

Dedicated virtual meeting rooms mean everyone knows where to go to get things done. People, files, and links in one central place give your team everything they need to drive forward.

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A project meeting reviewing reports, a presentation, and an agenda document


Meeting rooms that are ready when you are

Tired of resharing docs and links every meeting? Everything you share is saved in your project room when the meeting is done. Meeting prep—done.


See everything you need, all in one space

Easily display multiple dashboards and charts across different products, all at the same time. Google Docs, Amplitude, Linear—whatever you need to make decisions together.

Add cloud browsers, files, images, videos, PDFs, sticky notes, or just share your screen.
A team goes reviews a project roadmap together in Switchboard using in linear and add tasks to a sprint


Layers of data on a single screen

Create your own situation room with all the side-by-side browsers you need. Make smart decisions with shared control of multiple browsers in one room.

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