Customer training

Create memorable experiences from day one

Ditch email threads and yawn-worthy presentations. Train your new customers in interactive rooms tailored to their experience.

Create memorable experiences from day one

Switchboard helps customer success managers:

  • Reduce the steep learning curve for each new customer with resources and tutorials
  • Templatize training to save time but personalize to make it fit
  • Share docs, tools, meetings, and videos in one easy-to-access shared space
  • Host live and recorded interactive training sessions

Use any tool, including:


Reduce prep time

Instead of recreating the wheel for each new account, make one training template. When you’re ready to train a new customer, copy the template and customize it to fit their specific needs.


Engage more, lecture less

Why stick with old-school slides and videos when you can make onboarding an immersive experience? Increase retention and learning by engaging customers more and talking less.


Create a home base for learning

Give your customers the keys to a rich learning environment they can always go back to. Interactive rooms mean they can explore, find documentation, and watch videos you’ve recorded whenever they want.

Every app you use for training works in Switchboard

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s browser apps—so you can close out those extra tabs and focus on your customers. Just paste a URL into the canvas and you’re in. You can add text, sticky notes, and PDFs too.

Every app you use for training works in Switchboard