Engineering interview

The best interview experience to get the best candidate

Impress and assess your candidates by keeping all of your interview calls, details, coding assignments, and next steps in one interactive, secure room.

The best interview experience to get the best candidate

Switchboard helps Engineering and Product teams:

  • Offer a standardized and stellar candidate experience.
  • Save time on interview set-up and smoother interview hosting.
  • Provide candidates with clear instructions for take-home work.
  • Maintain candidate confidentiality with private rooms.

Use any tool, including:


Avoid technical difficulties

No more fumbling between presenters or tabs. Everything you need for your interview from a resume to a coding exercise is in the room, behind one URL.


Provide clear instructions

Share videos that walk them through each step of an assignment, letting them pause and do what’s shown in the video, directly in the apps in the room.


Maintain candidate privacy

Maintain confidentiality of interview content by inviting candidates to a secure room that only invited members can access.

Tools you already trust

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s browser apps—meaning your candidate can code anywhere and show their work. All web interactions are encrypted in flight, and all data stored in our app is encrypted at rest.

Tools you already trust