I like, I wish, I wonder

Gather insights, foster continuous improvement

Embrace design thinking and a growth mindset with a framework that encourages deeper exploration and openness to uncover new ideas in the process.

Gather insights, foster continuous improvement

Switchboard helps Product, Design, and Marketing teams:

  • Explore and present designs in-context on an interactive canvas.
  • Unite feedback into one collaborative space.
  • Track action items and questions that come up in the exercise. 
  • Have engaging jam sessions that break down barriers and creative blocks.

Use any tool, including:


Spark better connections and ideas

With an engaging, collaborative canvas that expands to fit all your designs, ideas, and teammates, you’ll have more fruitful team jam sessions.


Give and receive feedback productively

With feedback often scattered across apps and threads, unify it all in one place to open possibilities rather than shut them down.


Move work forward

As you work through new ideas and approaches, you can quickly capture action items, and take a vote to make the final call.

Any tool, side-by-side

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s browser. Just paste a URL into the canvas and you’re in. You can add images, videos, text, sticky notes, and PDFs too. Using a desktop app? You can screen share it.

Any tool, side-by-side