Make the most of your 1:1 meetings

Connect with coworkers and stay on the same page throughout the week with collaborative 1:1 rooms. Easily do async check-ins between meetings, make sure projects are moving forward, and stay on the same page without endless DMs.

Make the most of your 1:1 meetings

Switchboard helps people managers and cross-functional partners:

  • Stay aligned with a dedicated space to share work and ideas
  • Host private conversations, both scheduled and spontaneous
  • Display multiple pieces of content side by side in a single space only you and one other person can access
  • Easily find previously shared work instead of digging through emails or Slack

Use any tool, including:


Know where to meet

1:1 rooms are automatically created for everyone in your workspace, so you always know where to meet—whether you’re checking in on a project with a peer or mentoring direct reports.


Reduce prep time

Persistent rooms mean everything you add to them stays where you left it. Instead of gathering documents and notes before each 1:1, simply open the room knowing your docs, project tool, and other apps are there.


Check in async

Regularly chatting is important, but not every question or check-in warrants interruption. Use 1:1 rooms to capture topics that can be reviewed async, at the other person's convenience.

Any app, anytime

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s browser apps—so you can close out those extra tabs and focus on the conversation. Just paste a URL into the canvas and you’re in. You can add images, videos, text, sticky notes, and PDFs too.

Any app, anytime