Product launch marketing plan

Product launch marketing plan template

Plan flawless feature launches
Plan flawless feature launches

Get on the same page around messaging, marketing, and measurement for your next product launch to make a splash with customers new and existing.

Plan flawless feature launches

Switchboard helps Product Marketers and their cross-functional partners:

  • Host strong product launch planning kickoff meetings. 
  • Share, update, and find all launch plans, resources, and work assets in one place.
  • Wrangle feedback across different files and stakeholders into one view.
  • Enhance market research with AI assistance.

Use any tool, including:


Stay coordinated across stakeholders

Share your room to build on ideas and get signoff across all your messaging and marketing plans whether in an interactive kickoff meeting, or async.


Keep everything in one place

As your product launch plan comes to life, you can share all your assets, demos and feedback in your room—no matter what format or tool they take.


Enhance your market research

Our handy AI assistant can provide competitive analyses or make suggestions and enhance what’s already in your room.

Any tool, side-by-side

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s multiplayer browser apps, making it easy to adopt and adapt the tools your launch stakeholders use. Just paste a URL into the canvas, log in, and go.

Any tool, side-by-side

Kick off your next launch with:

  • Video conferencing inside the room
  • Browsers for any web app
  • Notepads, stickies, and open question apps for notes and to-dos
  • Interactive recordings to leave feedback, in-context updates
  • AI summaries, and idea generation
  • Live chat and in-context comment threads
  • Voting apps for favorite ideas, designs, etc.