Meetings are no longer the default way to work

Here's how you'll cancel inefficient meetings without losing forward momentum (aka getting work done).

Cancel a meeting, share a room instead

Share the links and docs you’d normally review in a meeting on the room’s huge canvas. Add apps, images, PDFs, video, diagrams, you name it.

Give and receive feedback in context

Ask for feedback on anything in the room. Or invite the team to review multiple dashboards. You can leave comments on anything from an image to a PDF.

Ask AI to do the things you always put off

Put the AI assistant to work to expedite writing, brainstorming, and summarizing any content in the room (the last one is so cool, you’ve got to try it).

(Bring Your Own Tools)

Any web-based application works in Switchboard. Just open a browser and boom, it’s ready to use.

Your room is ready when you are. 

Want a sneak peek?

How to kick a meeting to the curb:

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    Add content to a room

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    Ask for feedback on anything in the room

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    Share the room with your team


You're only 90 seconds away from moving faster with fewer meetings