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Keep everyone on the same page

Work in a shareable space that's more actionable than screen recording, flexible than whiteboards, and engaging than video calls.

The only canvas that works with all of your apps

Stay aligned with apps, browsers, images, notes, and PDFs in a single view.

Share with context

Give feedback and make better decisions by keeping tools, docs, and conversations in one place.

Show why it matters

Record a walkthrough with instructions and next steps. Viewers can hit pause to jump in to work in the content in the video.

Shift from learning to doing

Work and meet in the same shared space equipped with video calls, whiteboarding, and recording. Get more done alone or together, async or live.

Sharing is more than caring

The best way to get the job done? Give everybody the tools and context to be successful quickly, and in one view.

Ask AI anything

Summarize content across multiple apps; have Q&A sessions with docs, PDFs, and browsers; work with an on-call research assistant.

Share work with your team, your customers, even external partners

Product Management

Now you can keep all your files and tools organized in project rooms. Keep everyone focused during roadmap planning, stand-ups, retros, and more.


Organize everything from user research to mock ups, prototypes to tools on a huge interactive canvas to review work with designers and stakeholders.


Create account-focused spaces for hands-on demos and more streamlined management to close more deals. All that’s missing is the gong... unless you add one.


Review dashboards next to docs, campaign briefs, creative and more to better understand what's driving campaign performance. Goodbye endless threads, hello focus time.

Creative Agencies

Display your work on a huge canvas that's worthy of your creativity. Add images, websites, apps, even video to an interactive space you can share with clients to get design feedback.

Customer Success

Deepen customer relationships in personalized rooms that save everything from trainings to onboarding docs. It’s a virtual VIP lounge for every account.

Your content is protected and secure



Switchboard is SOC 2 certified and regularly audited to make sure strict security best practices are followed.



SSO is supported to help your organization maintain its security posture through your already protected IDP.



Switchboard uses high security encryption mechanisms for all your data in-flight, and at rest.

Everyone's on the same page about Switchboard


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Whether you’re in-office, hybrid, or remote, Switchboard is the best way to keep everyone in the loop and moving in the right direction.

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