Move faster with fewer meetings*

Share ideas, give feedback, and make decisions in
interactive rooms designed to free up more time in your day.

*We pinky swear! If you’re not fully satisfied, you can have your old meetings back 😉

All your tools and your team in one place

Every app you use works in Switchboard. Yep, all of them.

Make faster progress

Instead of scheduling a meeting, share apps and files in an interactive room that’s always up to date.

Share with context

Give feedback and make better decisions by keeping tools, docs, and conversations in one place.

Talk face to face

Not all meetings are bad! Flip on video in any room to co-browse and co-accomplish more together.

You look like someone who’s ready to rip off the band-aid and cancel a meeting or two

Product Management

Now you can keep all your files and tools organized in project rooms. Keep everyone focused during roadmap planning, stand-ups, retros, and more.


Organize everything from user research to mock ups, prototypes to tools on a huge interactive canvas to review work with designers and stakeholders.


Create account-focused spaces for hands-on demos and more streamlined management to close more deals. All that’s missing is the gong... unless you add one.


Review dashboards next to docs, campaign briefs, creative and more to better understand what's driving campaign performance. Goodbye endless threads, hello focus time.

Creative Agencies

Display your work on a huge canvas that's worthy of your creativity. Add images, websites, apps, even video to an interactive space you can share with clients to get design feedback.

Customer Success

Deepen customer relationships in personalized rooms that save everything from trainings to onboarding docs. It’s a virtual VIP lounge for every account.

Work async, stay n*sync

Rooms are like elephants: they remember and save your work so you can share once and the team can access anytime.

Defy space and time with AI

Summarize content across multiple applications, have Q&A sessions with docs, PDFs, and browsers, plus get an on-call research assistant for all of your projects.

Every room is protected and secure



Switchboard is SOC 2 certified and regularly audited to make sure strict security best practices are followed.



SSO is supported to help your organization maintain its security posture through your already protected IDP.



Switchboard uses high security encryption mechanisms for all your data in-flight, and at rest.

Turns out everyone likes fewer meetings


If you’ve read this far, you’ve gotta try it.

Whether you’re in-office, hybrid, or remote, your life will be exponentially better with fewer meetings.

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