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2 rooms
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Whiteboarding & collaboration tools
40 minute in-room video calls
15 days of room history


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Everything in Pro, and:
More rooms, members, and storage available
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Rooms and Members
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1:1 Rooms
Personal Room
Workspace members are your frequent collaborators and your teammates. They can create new rooms, and depending on permissions, fully manage those rooms. Workspace guests must be invited to one room at a time and don't have the same ability to manage settings and sharing.
Up to 3 members
Up to 500 full members and up to 250 workspace guests
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Meeting guests
Meeting guests must be admitted to a room by a member and do not count against your team member limit
100 / month
Meeting Tools
Video and voice calls
Voice calls occur via phone bridge
40 minute limit
Meeting and room recordings
Maximum meeting attendees
Up to 40
Up to 40
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Calendar integration
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
AI tools
Easily summarize web pages, PDFs, notepads, sticky notes, and the Open Questions app
Get quick answers about the web pages, PDFs, notepads, and stickies in a room
Use the AI assistant to generate content for brainstorms, documents, etc.
Available storage
Storage for websites, files, and cloud recordings is calculated on a workspace level
4GB / member (up to 40GB per workspace)
20GB / member (up to 300GB per workspace)
Recently closed browsers
15 days
Chat message retention
15 days
Room recording retention
15 days
Collaboration & sharing
Whiteboarding tools
Room recording
Multiplayer browsers
Comment on anything
Comments can be placed on web browsers, stickies, and files
Room templates
Screen mirroring
Present mode
Sections and layout tools
Voting app
Open questions
File hosting
Embedded videos
Icebreaker suggestions
Security & admin tools
Permissions management
Google SSO login
Google SSO login
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Permissions management
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Do you need a credit card to sign up?

No — a credit card is not required to sign up. Additionally, all new workspaces will receive access to all Pro features during the 14 day trial.

Do you have education, non-profit, or seed-stage startup pricing?

Early-stage startups and non-profit organizations can get a credit to get started with Switchboard.

If you're an educational organization, please contact us.

What is the difference between membership and guest types?

There are three different user types:

  • Members have full access to all public rooms in a company’s workspace. Typically these are people on your team or within your company. Members have the ability to browse public rooms, be included in private rooms, hop into rooms at any time, and create rooms of their own.
  • Workspace Guests have more limited access to Switchboard. Contactors, clients, and other external partners are examples of Workspace Guests. They are invited as Limited Members in Switchboard and have full access to the specific rooms they're invited to, but cannot create new rooms or enter other rooms without being invited. Workspace Guests count against your member count.
  • Meeting Guests are for people who need temporary access to a room for a meeting or working session. They must be admitted into a room by another member or workspace guest.

Learn more here.

What features does Switchboard offer?

Switchboard has a lot of built in features — with more being developed every month. Some highlights are:

  • Video and audio calls for scheduled meetings and impromptu conversations
  • Expansive canvas to add browser-based apps, websites, PDFs, screen shares, organizational sections, images to share work in context
  • Recording to provide a guided walkthrough of the content in a room or to record a meeting
  • Switchboard AI to answer questions based on content in the room and generate summaries of room activity
  • Whiteboarding tools including sticky notes, shapes, and notepads
  • Multiplayer browsers that support any website or web-based application
  • Apps including timer, voting, polls, icebreaker generator, and open questions
  • Comments that can be added to any browser, image, video, notepad, or sticky note in a room so you can communicate in context 
  • Permission settings to invite members, guests or to publish a room for public access
  • Desktop app for macOS and Windows. Get the app.
How easy is it to get started with Switchboard?

Getting started with Switchboard is quick and intuitive. Simply sign up for an account (no credit card required), add the work you want to share to a room, then invite people to the room as a member or guest. If you ever need help or have questions, you can contact us at

Is Switchboard secure?

Switchboard takes security seriously. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant. A report is available to customers upon request by emailing The platform also uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data, and all data is stored securely in the cloud. Switchboard also offers two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access your account. Learn more.

If your company requires ISO 27001, HIPAA, or other compliance standards, we would love to hear more. Please email us at

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