Deliver stellar customer experiences

Keep everything—from trainings to onboarding docs—in personalized rooms for real-time collaboration with your customers. It’s a virtual VIP lounge for every account.

Product managers deal with many cross-functional players across tons of meetings and apps. Do it flawlessly with Switchboard.

Make every customer interaction meaningful

Bring your customers and your team together in interactive rooms for better onboarding, trainings, and planning sessions.

CSMs can create memorable customer experiences using Switchboard's interactive canvases to present trainings, information, and dashboards.

Create memorable customer experiences

Stop switching between tools and resending links. Create private rooms for each customer or account. Add everything you need—onboarding videos, docs, and more—for instant collaboration. Oh, and because the rooms are persistent, everyone can come back on their own to work async.

Make context switching easier

Instead of toggling tabs, searching for information in email, and trying to remember account-specific information, simply dive into customer rooms for everything related to that project.

Customer success teams can find the status of their accounts easily in Switchboard

Spend more time solving problems, less time finding links

Have all your customers’ docs and context at your fingertips. Create a personal "command center" in a room so you don't have to keep digging through open tabs to find things.

Customer training

Multiplayer browsers let you train customers as if you’re sitting side-by-side. Plus, you can leave useful resources like recordings, notes, and help center documents in the room for later.

Client management

Offer a dedicated, multifunctional room for each client. A go-to hub for project-related information reduces friction and gives them a consistently great experience with your team.

Account transitions

With dedicated hubs for client work, you can ensure smoother transitions during account hand-off and reduce ramp time for new team members.

Every app you use for happy customers works in Switchboard


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Move projects forward faster as a team

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    Organize docs and files how you want on an expansive shared canvas

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    Close all your tabs by adding multiple apps, files, and videos to the room

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    Add content without taking turns sharing screens for real collaboration

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    Make every browser-based tool multiplayer so everyone can click, scroll, and type

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    Quickly generate ideas with built-in tools like sticky notes and whiteboards

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    Eliminate prep time with rooms that save your progress

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    Find the right links fast instead of digging through email or messages

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    Record meetings and add them to your room to keep async collaborators up to date