You deserve a tool that's designed for remote work

Learn how Switchboard works with, or replaces, the tools you already use.

Video conference

Focus on what you’re doing together, not just screen sharing and a grid of faces.

Virtual offices

Feel like you’re working side-by-side without being in an 8-bit video game.

Whiteboard tools

Open the design and whiteboarding tools you already use in a room.


Stop all the back and forth and quickly get everyone on the same page.

Part conference room, part video call, part interactive cloud browsers, 100% designed for remote meetings and projects.

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Switchboard makes video calls feel archaic

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    Share content without ever sharing your screen

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    Work in multiple apps side-by-side on a huge canvas in each room

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    Save time with rooms that save everything between meetings


Switchboard has the perks of a virtual office without the fake plants

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    Quickly hop into 1:1 rooms with any of your coworkers

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    Work together without feeling like you’re being tracked

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    Be yourself, not an avatar


Switchboard isn’t a whiteboard but works with the ones you already use

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    Add Figma, Miro, and other tools to rooms for meetings and projects

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    See multiple websites, apps, files, and videos side-by-side

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    Make any url collaborative in cloud browsers


Switchboard increases connection without the back & forth

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    Don’t miss subtle intonation and visual language cues lost in chat

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    Easily find shared content in rooms that gets buried in chat channels

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    Make complex decisions faster


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Next time you’re trying to get something done, instead of talking about getting something done just do it in Switchboard.

Jon Kallus

"Switchboard sports many innovations, but its secret sauce, in my opinion, is how it lets you float realtime, actual, live browser windows right there on the shared workspace surface. Everyone on the "call" can see and even work into those browser windows at the same time."

Jon Kallus

Founder, Fate v Future

Switchboard makes remote meetings better

A creative design meeting for a website redesign kickoff call

Design & creative reviews

Having multiple interactive windows at once allows designers to show off and explain work side-by-side with the brief. Because, c’mon, your designs are always right on brief.

Four people in a Switchboard shared workspace with video chat and

Project meeting rooms

Finally, everything connected to a project, living together in one place. Bring all the scattered pieces of your project together in one permanent virtual room the whole team can access any time.

A switchboard room being used for internal and external meetings

War rooms

Dedicated virtual meeting rooms mean everyone knows where to go to get things done. People, files, and links in one central place give your team everything they need to drive forward.