Close more deals faster

Keep your files and tools organized in account-focused project rooms for real-time collaboration, hands-on demos, and streamlined management for closing more deals. All that’s missing is the gong.

Product managers deal with many cross-functional players across tons of meetings and apps. Do it flawlessly with Switchboard.

Interactive demos create closer client relationships

Bring account stakeholders and your sales team together—onto one collaborative room—for interactive demos that stand out.

Create interactive demos with your clients that you can tailor to their needs on the fly.

Make decisions in dedicated customer rooms

Close deals in interactive rooms that house pitches, demo recordings, pricing documents, and more in one place.

Always know the latest status

Wonder how work across your sales team is going? Skip the status meeting and move through each account room on your own time to see what materials have been shared and how client conversations are progressing.

Track pipeline, deal status, and more in operational rooms for your team.

Increase sales conversion at each step in the process

Custom rooms filled with demos, docs, and notes give every prospect a great—and personalized—experience throughout their journey.

Account management

With docs, demos, and notes in one room, you can easily prep for meetings and keep track of ongoing work.

Product demos

Instead of only using static decks, let your clients use your product live with no setup time.

Pipeline reviews

Stop getting lost in tabs. Create a full picture of pipeline or client health by consolidating all data sources into one room.

Every app you use to pitch and close works in Switchboard


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8 reasons your team will love Switchboard

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    Organize docs and files how you want on an expansive shared canvas

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    Close all your tabs by adding multiple apps, files, and videos to the room

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    Add content without taking turns sharing screens for real collaboration

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    Make every browser-based tool multiplayer so everyone can click, scroll, and type

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    Quickly generate ideas with built-in tools like sticky notes and whiteboards

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    Eliminate prep time with rooms that save your progress

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    Find the right links fast instead of digging through email or messages

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    Record meetings and add them to your room to keep async collaborators up to date