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Patent Marking

This webpage lists systems, products and/or services offered by the Switchboard company and one or more patents that apply to each listed system, product or service.  This webpage is intended to provide notice to the public pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a) that the listed systems, products and/or services utilize patented technology.

System, Product or Service Name

Switchboard (accessible at

Patent Numbers

Patent No. 11,314,474

Patent No. 11,349,889

Patent No. 11,249,715

Patent No. 11,190,557

Patent No. 11,172,006

Patent No. 11,461,480

Patent No. 11,599,648

Patent No. 11,662,970

Patent No. 11,875,082

Patent No. 11,880,630


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