Drive more revenue with fewer meetings

Keep everything—from dashboards to docs, campaign briefs, and more—in project rooms for real-time and async collaboration with everyone you work with. Goodbye endless threads, hello focus time.

Product managers deal with many cross-functional players across tons of meetings and apps. Do it flawlessly with Switchboard.

Know the status of your campaigns without scheduling meetings

Bring marketers and stakeholders—like product, sales, and design—into dynamic rooms for interactive planning sessions, metrics reviews, and async check-ins.

Marketing teams can work together in meetings or async using Switchboard and all the tools they already are comfortable in.

Create breakthrough campaigns together

Close your tabs and organize your team, apps, and communication in interactive rooms. Add everything you need—like briefs, your work management tool, dashboards, and docs—for collaboration in and between meetings.

Make context switching easier

Instead of searching for information in email, messages, or tabs, simply navigate between project-specific rooms to find everything you need.

Always know where to find answers with dedicated rooms for every project.

Spend more time acquiring leads, less time sitting in meetings

Cancel status meetings, feedback sessions, and one-way share-outs. By organizing your work in rooms, you—and your stakeholders—always have accurate, up-to-date information on how work is progressing.

Project rooms

Bring everything related to a project—from work management tools to briefs and dashboards—into one interactive room. Simply copy/paste the link into the room and every web-based app works.

Metrics reporting

Compile all the dashboards related to a campaign in one place so any stakeholder can review async. Want to catch up in real-time? You’ll barely have to prep since your analytics apps are already there and organized.

Creative & design reviews

No more swapping screen shares. Review multiple designs or drafts side-by-side on one shared canvas, streamlining the review process and ensuring alignment.

Every app you use for marketing works in Switchboard


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Move projects forward faster as a team

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    Organize docs and files how you want on an expansive shared canvas

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    Close all your tabs by adding multiple apps, files, and videos to the room

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    Add content without taking turns sharing screens for real collaboration

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    Make every browser-based tool multiplayer so everyone can click, scroll, and type

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    Quickly generate ideas with built-in tools like sticky notes and whiteboards

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    Eliminate prep time with rooms that save your progress

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    Find the right links fast instead of digging through email or messages

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    Record meetings and add them to your room to keep async collaborators up to date