Switchboard for marketing

Where marketers plan, launch, and innovate

Keep your tools, tasks, and teammates on the same page (literally and figuratively) in a sharable, interactive workspace.

Product managers deal with many cross-functional players across tons of meetings and apps. Do it flawlessly with Switchboard.

Plan, do, and measure in one

Working across dozens of tools and tabs is part of everyday chaos for marketers—until you add all your tools, files, docs, and project plans into one room to move seamlessly between them in one view.

Meet less, get more productive

Skip the meeting and share interactive recordings with updates, feedback, or instructions. If you do meet, it’s in the room where everyone can interact with its contents for true working sessions.

Give access and stay in control

Whether you’re working with agencies or cross-functional partners, you can easily share your room and its contents, while still having control over who can access what, when.

Your marketing toolstack,

Any web-based tools work natively in Switchboard’s multiplayer browser apps. Just paste a URL into the canvas and go. You can also upload images and videos.

All the tools you already use work with Switchboard

How marketing work moves forward

Share and see what’s important with  interactive videos

Save a meeting, leave clearer feedback, and drive action with room recordings that guide viewers to the exact content you show.

Use multiple browsers for any tool

Don’t change your tool stack—make it work harder for you by displaying several browsers in one view, behind one URL.

Host engaging video calls

Stop skipping around tabs, engage your attendees, and have truly productive working sessions.

Leave in-context comments

Reign in feedback from stakeholders across all tools by leaving in-context comments on apps, files, and stickies in your room.

Onboard contractors easily

Stop getting lost in email threads and folders—put all your working files into one room for your agency partners, while easily managing permissions and visibility.

Publish rooms to show off your content

Content campaigns are increasingly multi-step and multimedia. Instead of linking out to different assets, put them all in a published room and share the URL.

How marketing work moves forward

“We used Switchboard for a team brainstorming session. Each team member added examples of websites for inspiration. Nobody had to 'drive' the meeting, and there was no switching around between tabs—making it a really effective brainstorm.”

Elliott Brown,

Former Director of Marketing at OnPay


Be on the same page
(wherever you work)

No matter your tools and time zones, everyone's on the same page with Switchboard.