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Top 7 AI meeting manager tools to know in 2024
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Top 7 AI meeting manager tools to know in 2024

Discover 7 AI meeting managers to help with manual tasks like agenda creation, meeting notes, etc. for more productive meetings.

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The average employee attends between 11 and 15 meetings per week.* That’s a lot of meeting agendas, follow-up summaries of action items, and meeting minutes that someone has to create. 

The truth is, many meetings aren’t necessary, and you could easily achieve the same results async. However, some are essential to effective collaboration and alignment. To justify this investment of time, your meetings have to help people get more work done, not just add to their workload. While you may not be able (or even want) to get rid of meetings altogether, who wouldn’t be interested in getting the most out of them with the least effort? 

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can help. You can use AI meeting manager tools to help your team cut down on unhelpful and unnecessary meetings while making the ones you do have more impactful. In this post, we’ll cover what an AI meeting manager does and what to look for in a tool before exploring the top seven solutions to help you run better meetings. 

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What is an AI meeting manager tool and what should you look for

An AI meeting manager tool is a virtual assistant that automates various aspects of meetings, from scheduling and agendas to transcriptions and notes. These solutions use AI to make meetings, and everything involved in running and managing them, more efficient. 

Because AI models are constantly evolving, it's good to check in on the meeting manager software landscape every few months. These tools can be a big productivity booster for your team, so with that in mind, here’s what to look out for when choosing a tool. 

Ease of use

First things first: If your tool isn’t easy to use, people won’t use it. Look for software that easily connects to the platforms you already use and is straightforward to implement. Additionally, make sure the platform has a thorough onboarding process so all your employees can learn how to make the most of it. 


When it comes to which features to prioritize, assess the needs of your business and what challenges you most often face when it comes to running team meetings. Whether you’re looking for transcripts and summaries or a better way to schedule calls, analyzing your team’s needs will let you know which features to prioritize. 


You probably already have to pay for your online meeting platform, so your AI meeting manager shouldn’t be too expensive. Additionally, pay attention to the pricing models that require you to pay per user as this can get expensive as your team grows. 


Some AI meeting manager tools only work with certain meeting platforms. Clockwise, for example, doesn’t currently integrate with Microsoft 365. Be sure the tool you choose connects with your other software, and not only your meeting platforms. For instance, team communication solutions like Slack or project management tools like Asana. 

Top 7 AI meeting manager tools

Meeting manager tools are one of the most practical AI use cases for businesses. Whether you need help generating meeting agendas or want to automate your meeting notes, these seven tools can help you get rid of manual tasks and run more efficient meetings. Keep in mind that you don’t need to sign up for all of these tools—just pick the best one for your team’s needs. 

1. Zoom AI Companion

Zoom’s AI assistant helps you make the most out of meetings, as well as simplifies other day-to-day tasks like catching up on chat conversions and drafting emails. If you have to join a meeting late, the tool will get you up to speed on what’s already been discussed. After a meeting ends, Zoom’s AI assistant generates a meeting summary, highlights key information, and outlines next steps. 

Key features

  • Automated meeting summaries and next steps
  • Highlights and smart chapters compiled from meeting recordings
  • Chat thread summaries
  • Help with email and whiteboard content generation


Zoom’s AI assistant is included with any paid Zoom account. Zoom’s paid accounts are as follows:

  • Pro: $149.90/user per year. 
  • Business: $199.90/user per year. 
  • Business Plus: Custom priced. 
  • Enterprise: Custom priced. 

Best for

People who already use Zoom as their virtual meeting software tool.

Zoom AI Companion summarizing a meeting
Joined late? The Zoom AI Companion can catch you up on what you’ve missed.

2. Otter 

If you rely on meeting transcriptions, say as a product marketer interviewing users to get feedback, Otter is an excellent tool. It automatically generates notes that are easily searchable, as well as creates real-time summaries to help team members follow along during meetings. Otter works with meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, plus you can upload meeting recordings if you hold your calls in a visual collaboration platform like Switchboard. 

Key features

  • Audio recording and real-time note taking
  • Takeaways panel with highlighted notes
  • Automated meeting summary with hyperlinks to meeting notes and slides
  • OtterPilot feature that auto-joins a meeting even if you aren’t present


  • Free basic plan for individuals.
  • Pro: $10/user per month. 
  • Business: $20/user per month.
  • Enterprise: Custom priced. 

Best for

Teams in all industries that rely on editable, searchable transcripts to save time and quickly find the insights they need.

Otter automated live transcription tool
Otter’s automated live transcriptions are easily searchable and editable, meaning you can find information fast.

3. is another tool that helps with meeting transcription, note taking, and summaries. It works with a number of different meeting platforms and integrates with collaboration tools like Slack and project management software like ClickUp. Firefly’’s meeting analytics capabilities set it apart from other AI meeting managers—the tool uses conversation intelligence to measure speaker sentiment and performance to help you improve processes like sales.

Key features

  • Meeting recordings and highly accurate transcriptions
  • AI-powered search that lets you filter and listen to key topics
  • Sharable soundbites, plus comment threads and reactions
  • Meeting insights and analytics via conversation intelligence


  • Free basic plan for individuals.
  • Pro: $10/user per month. 
  • Business: $19/user per month. 
  • Enterprise: Custom priced.

Best for

  • Teams in industries from engineering to healthcare that need in-depth meeting analytics to gauge responses and outcomes of sensitive or high-stakes discussions. apps
From meeting outlines and overviews to keywords and action items, comes with apps and features that can help you run better meetings.

4. Airgram 

You don’t have to spend an hour after that big brainstorming session writing up the minutes: Airgram can do it for you. The tool records and transcribes meetings, then provides you with automated meeting notes, minutes highlighting key moments, and action items so everyone knows what their next steps are. Plus, the tool’s Notepad lets everyone edit, comment, and collaborate on meeting notes during your calls. 

Key features

  • Meeting recordings, transcriptions, and notes
  • Automated meeting summaries with key insights and action items
  • Sharable video clips so you can send meeting highlights  
  • Supports eight transcription languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese)


  • Free basic plan for individuals.
  • Plus: $18/user per month. 

Best for

Teams like Product that need automated meeting summaries and action items.

Airgram meeting Notepad and Transcript
Keep track of your agenda, jot down notes during the call, and get a real-time transcription with Airgram.

5. Equal Time

Making sure everyone has a chance to chime in is a big part of virtual meeting etiquette. Equal Time helps you run more inclusive meetings by tracking who participates most and who tends to sit back and observe. The tool also provides feedback to managers, helping them improve their leadership skills and know which employees they should take special care to engage during calls. On top of these features, you get auto-generated meeting transcripts, summaries, action items, and highlights.

Key features

  • Real-time feedback and visualization of speaking time with inclusion score
  • Auto-generated searchable transcripts with action items and highlights
  • Instant meeting notes automatically sent via email to participants
  • Meeting sentiment and analytics to help you improve your calls


  • Premium (for individuals): $18 per month. 
  • Team: $79/month (for small teams with up to five managers)
  • Company License: Custom priced. 

Best for

  • Cross-functional teams that want broader participation from all their employees.
Equal Time AI meeting manager
Use Equal Time to track who speaks the most in your calls and who may need a little extra encouragement to share their thoughts.

6. Nyota

One of the biggest virtual meeting challenges is creating an agenda that everyone sticks to. Nyota helps you plan your meeting with AI-generated agenda suggestions. As soon as one meeting ends, the tool starts to plan your next agenda and sets action items. You also get meeting reminders, automated notes, and insights into participation levels and team dynamics. Nyota works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and you can also use it while running a meeting on Switchboard.

Key features

  • Automated agenda generation and summaries
  • Meeting transcriptions and notes
  • Analytics insights to track talk time and meeting sentiment
  • Custom notes to help you transform meetings into documents and tickets


  • Standard: $39/month (for individuals and small teams)
  • Growth: $89/month (for growing teams)
  • Enterprise: Custom priced

Best for

Cross-functional teams on long-running, complex projects that need support with meeting agenda creation.

Nyota AI-powered meeting agenda suggestions
Nyota helps you develop your meeting agendas, generating talking points based on past meetings.

7. Clockwise

If the act of scheduling your meetings is causing you the most headaches, Clockwise can help. The tool’s calendar automation features moves flexible meetings to avoid scheduling conflicts and optimizes employees’ calendars by making space for focus time. You can put flexible holds on your calendar so your meetings are scheduled around them, and Clockwise Links suggests meeting slots that help you make the most of your time and be more productive. 

Key features

  • Automated meeting scheduling based on employee availability and preferences
  • Focus Time to optimize your team’s productivity
  • Flexible Holds to respect your employees’ time and recurring routines
  • Integrations with Asana and Slack


  • Free plan that includes access to a smart calendar assistant
  • Teams: $6.75/month per user
  • Business: $11.50/month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom priced. 

Best for

  • Teams in industries from project management to education that need the maximum possible focus time. 
Clockwise automated meeting schedule suggestions
Clockwise automatically suggests the best time for a meeting based while maximizing employee focus time.

How to get more out of meetings with Switchboard

Having an AI meeting management tool is great, but it only goes so far. You also need the right platform to run your meetings. Switchboard’s visual collaboration platform lets you get more out of your meetings. It’s also great for async work, as it’s designed to help teams be better aligned while running fewer meetings (giving your team more time for focused work).  

Switchboard is the only collaboration platform that gathers all the applications and documents your team uses in one place, so they can use the tools they know and love. It acts as a shared operating system, bringing people, applications, and conversations together. 

Because of this, Switchboard helps teams get more work done asynchronously—when your people do come together, it’s intentional, and they can make the most of that time.

Switchboard AI assistant
Switchboard’s AI assistant creates summaries from the sticky notes you jut your thoughts down on during calls.

You can use some of the AI meeting manager tools on our list with Switchboard, like Otter. Plus, Switchboard comes with its own AI features to help you save time, like sticky note summaries to reduce busywork and an AI conversation assistant to answer questions or provide inspiration without leaving your room.  

Switchboard also saves all your work and progress after every call, meaning you never need to download anything or repopulate the room again. You always know where to find the information you need for a specific project, even between meetings, and anyone can hop into the rooms and work async on their own schedule or get updates from room recordings. 

AI meeting managers and Switchboard: Run fewer, better meetings

Oftentimes, many of the meetings that fill up our calendars could have easily been an email. For the meetings that do have to happen, AI meeting manager tools help make them as streamlined and productive as possible. 

To choose the right tool for you, be sure to first assess your team’s needs. Are you having problems getting meeting minutes written and distributed? Does finding a meeting time that works for everyone feel like playing an unwinnable game of Tetris? 

Once you pinpoint which challenges are most pressing for your team, you can find the tool that will be most useful for them. Take advantage of free trials and test out a number of solutions so you can find one that covers all your needs. 

Finally, use an online platform that helps you improve necessary meetings while making async working and communication possible. This lets you minimize the number of calls you have so you can get more work done. Switchboard keeps people connected and organized in persistent rooms, whether they’re remote, hybrid, or in-person. So you can have more productive meetings wherever you are. 

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Frequently asked questions about AI meeting managers

What’s the best AI tool for scheduling meetings?

If you’re looking for an AI tool for scheduling meetings, Clockwise is a good choice. It helps you reduce scheduling conflicts and set focused work blocks so your employees’ days aren’t cluttered with calls. There are also some other AI tools for scheduling meetings on the market, like Reclaim and Clara. 

What’s the best AI tool for recording meetings? 

An AI tool that records your meetings can provide you with a transcript and even meeting notes of your calls. Fireflies, for example, records your meetings and provides you with shareable soundbites. Another option is Krisp, a meeting recording tool that improves sound quality and removes background noise. 

What AI tool can you use to transcribe meetings? 

There are a number of AI tools that can help with meeting transcription, one of the most popular ones being Otter. The tool automatically generates meeting transcripts and notes. Some other meeting transcription tools include Fellow and Airgram. 

What AI tool can you use to create meeting minutes?

AI tools that create meeting minutes can help you save hours per week. Fathom is an AI meeting assistant that provides meeting summaries, highlighting the most important parts of the call. Another good AI tool for meeting minutes is Sembly, which transforms meeting transcripts into searchable text.

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