Free online meeting tool for PR teams

Have fewer, more productive meetings

Is your calendar filled with too many meetings?

Give your team an online meeting tool that lets them work side-by-side in real time—or skip the meeting and catch up async

Less talking, more doing

Traditional video conferencing platforms are great for talking about work, but not so much for doing it. One-sided screen sharing makes it hard to keep people engaged and contributing.

Switchboard lets you get more work done during conference calls by making everything multiplayer, so you can work together on anything. Persistent rooms that save your work mean that, when it’s time to gather as a team, you can simply head to the room knowing everything is there. No more meeting prep and no more digging through multiple tabs to find what you need. Or cancel the meeting and get everything you need async.

Key features:

  • Live voice and video calls
  • Meeting recording 
  • A huge canvas to visually organize apps, documents, and files in one view  
  • Dedicated, persistent project and meeting rooms that save your work  
  • Interactive, multiplayer browsers for web-based files, documents, and applications
  • Built-in whiteboard for brainstorming, ideation, and creative collaboration
  • In-room sticky notes, chat, polls, and surveys
  • No integrations needed: All browser-based apps work in Switchboard  
  • Free accounts get Pro features for 14 days

Get more done during meetings–and in between them

Switchboard’s always-open rooms let you work together as a team during and between meetings.

PR teams use Switchboard to talk the talk and walk the walk

PR teams will know how tricky it is to:
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    Collaborate on PR and media strategies with your team in real time and async
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    Work side-by-side with your team to manage public relations crises
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    Manage media relationships in real time and async

Switchboard solves all these challenges with host-free rooms that save your work, so you can pick up where you left off next time. Or you can skip the meeting and review work async because it’s all right there.

"Switchboard saves so much time for multiple teams (sales, engineering, etc.)–basically like having physical meeting rooms that are set up when you walk in!"

— Trevor Sookraj,

Founder, Divisional

Your online meeting room is always ready

Get a huge canvas to visually organize all the apps, documents, and files you need in one view, so you can see who’s doing what. 

All browser-based apps work in Switchboard—with no fiddly integrations. Just create your meeting room, add what you need with a simple copy-paste, and get to work. No need to set the room up or share materials ever again: everything is right where you need it.

Make meetings actually collaborative

In Switchboard, every browser-based document, website, app, or file is multiplayer. This means everyone can contribute and work together in real time or async—and always in context. No more waiting your turn to share your screen, raise a hand, or find out what document your team's talking about. 

Just open up your whiteboards, sticky notes, browsers, or apps and work on the same content side-by-side.  

Continue working, even between meetings

Dedicated, persistent rooms save your work, so work doesn’t stop once the meeting’s over. 

Check on dashboards, project tracking tools, or quickly grab a document in your dedicated meeting room, whenever you need to. Can’t attend a meeting? Want a quick way to share a new finding? Record sessions and add them to your room to keep everyone up to date, no matter when they’re online.

Cancel more meetings and collaborate async

Who says you should always default to having a meeting? Switchboard rooms let you quickly check in on a project without needing to schedule a status update. When everything is in one place, you have an always-on bird's-eye view of what's happening.

PR teams use Switchboard to host fewer, better meetings

Move work forward faster, communicate in context, and make everything multiplayer.

Project rooms

Give your team permanent access to your dedicated, persistent project room with everything they need in one place. Work together side-by-side or async on anything—and never send a meeting link or invite again.


Connect with your team and stay on the same page throughout the week with collaborative 1:1 rooms. Make async check-ins between meetings a breeze, ensure projects are moving forward, and stay aligned without endless DMs. 

All-hands meetings

Rally your company with immersive All Hands that reflect your company’s collaborative culture. Create a dynamic place where people can add content—apps, files, documents, web browsers, videos—to easily share and learn from one another.


Share more than just your screen

Switchboard lets you share and work on anything in real time or async.

Frequently asked questions about virtual meeting tools for PR teams

What can I use Switchboard for?

You can use the free version of Switchboard for:

  • Free web conferencing and file sharing
  • Creative brainstorming sessions
  • Catching up async and canceling more meetings
  • In-room messaging with team members via live chat, polls, and surveys
  • Dedicated rooms for design reviews, 1:1s, and sprint planning, among others 
  • A single source of truth to manage workflows, projects, and cross-functional, hybrid, or remote work
  • A unified workspace for highly collaborative small teams or small businesses
Is Switchboard a video conferencing tool?

Switchboard is a collaboration platform that lets you host video meetings with its free video conferencing and audio conferencing functionality. However, Switchboard’s free plan goes beyond traditional web conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet: Rather than just talking about work, you can work side-by-side with in-person, hybrid, or remote team members during your video conference. With persistent rooms that save your work, Switchboard makes it easy to work async and cancel more meetings without sacrificing teamwork.

Can you record meetings in Switchboard?

Yes, meeting participants can record team meetings using Switchboard’s online meeting platform. This means anyone who missed the meeting can catch up async. What also makes Switchboard stand out from other video conferencing solutions is the ability for all team members to explore the meeting room and make contributions without changing other people’s views. This way, you can check out recordings and work on browser-based apps, documents, and files without distracting anyone during your video chat.