Interactive meeting tool for profesional services

Move work forward faster

Make online meetings the best part of work. Run interactive, engaging calls and actually get things done in a visual workspace. Collaborate side-by-side on projects, tools, and files wherever and wherever you work.

Go from talking to doing

Traditional video conferencing tools are good for talking, but not so much for doing. One-sided screen sharing, scattered docs and files, and a lack of spontaneity make it hard to keep everyone engaged and contributing. 

Switchboard lets you get more done together by making everything multiplayer. Persistent rooms also save your work, so you never lose track of progress and can collaborate both during and between meetings.

Top Features:

  • A huge canvas to visually organize apps, documents, and files in one view
  • Dedicated, persistent project and meeting rooms that save your work
  • Interactive, multiplayer browsers
  • Whiteboards for creative collaboration
  • Sticky notes and in-app chat
  • In-room polls, surveys, and icebreakers
  • AI to help with writing, brainstorming, and expediting other tasks
  • No integrations needed: All browser-based apps work in Switchboard 

Make meetings more productive for profesional services

Centralize team communication and project management—so you can get more done, together.

"I honestly wish I could go back in time and use this for all my past meetings—the amount of time and effort that would have been saved, and the more creative collaboration achieved, is unreal."

— Sophie Smith,

Insights, LinkedIn

Communicate in context

Bring all the elements of your project together—from people to meeting agendas, project management tools, and documents—in dedicated rooms. No more switching between tabs or searching for action items while everyone loses interest in your conference call. 

Asana, Jira, Google Docs, Notion, Figma… Use all your browser-based apps in your meeting—no downloads or integrations necessary. Just add what you need with a simple copy/paste and get started.

Checking the progress on a quarterly planning deck in a Switchboard room

Get everyone to contribute

Anyone can add tools, browsers, or widgets to the room’s canvas. Even better—anything in the room can become multiplayer, meaning team members can type, click, and scroll on the same content. No one is left passively watching you share your screen. Everyone can take ownership of their work.

Have fewer meetings, but make them count

With meeting recordings, project documents, and team tools all in one place, you don’t always need synchronous meetings to move projects forward. 

Chat through live video, messages, or polls, and know that the latest developments are accessible to your team at any time. When you do meet face-to-face, you can get straight to team collaboration—no need for endless project updates.

Keep projects moving, even between meetings

Jump into dedicated rooms to brief each other in real time or cancel the status meeting and get asynchronous updates on your own schedule. Whether you’re in-person or on a remote team, everyone always knows the latest updates–and what they need to do next. You can even use the built-in AI assistant to summarize meeting notes or answer questions when your team isn't available.

Spend less time prepping for meetings

Spend less time file sharing or digging out the relevant message threads, and more time moving things forward. Your persistent project room saves everything, from apps to sticky notes, meeting recordings, docs, and more—before, during, or after sessions. Everything you add will be there next time, so you can pick up where you left off.


Make meetings more engaging with a multiplayer experience and persistent rooms that save your progress. No more lengthy meeting prep or sharing materials before or after the call.  


Use the built-in whiteboard—or pull in your favorite one—and get the ideas flowing and work hands on, together. Review your team’s work side-by-side and use sticky notes to organize your thoughts.

Asynchronous collaboration

Bring in all your apps and docs in one place, so your team can work in real-time or whenever they’re most productive. Drive your project forwards, even between meetings.

Project management

Keep everything connected to your project in one place. Whether you prefer remote work or in-person, everyone can jump in to see the project’s status and follow-up on outstanding tasks.


Ready to share more than just your screen?

With Switchboard, every meeting is an interactive experience. Just jump into your persistent Switchboard room and start working, in real time or async.

Frequently asked questions about interactive meeting tools for profesional services

Which tools can be used for online meetings?

Some examples of traditional online meeting tools that can be used for team meetings include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

However, virtual meeting software can be more than just a way to live stream video meetings. An online digital workspace, like Switchboard, combines web conferencing with persistent rooms that give you a multiplayer experience and save your work even after the meeting is over. 

Meeting participants can access any app or web-based browser without having to switch tabs or worry about awkward one-sided screen sharing. This means team members can work together easily, boosting productivity and building stronger relationships.

How do you make a meeting fun and interactive?

Here are some ideas for more interactive meetings:

  • Take turns running the meeting and rotate the facilitator role
  • Kick off your scheduled meetings on a positive note by sharing wins and accomplishments
  • Set up interactive polls and surveys, using built-in functionality or mobile apps like Slido, to boost engagement and help team members be heard
  • Use breakout rooms for more focused face-to-face discussions and a change of pace
  • Make meetings more collaborative by using an interactive meeting platform like Switchboard
  • Review work async to reduce the number of meetings and make the ones you do have count—since everyone will be prepared when they arrive
What are the four advantages of virtual meetings?

Interactive and engaging video meetings help you build connected teams who enjoy communicating and working together. Some other advantages of video calls include:

  • Ability to work together from anywhere and regardless of team members’ time zones
  • More efficient decision-making and tighter agendas leading to higher productivity 
  • Enhanced participation and equal opportunities for everyone to contribute
  • Team-building thanks to the ability to host quizzes or encourage meeting participants to interact through instant messaging and emoji reactions