Best project management tool for operations teams

All the pieces of your project, together at last

Tired of juggling multiple tasks and team members across different tools? Improve project management by visually organizing all your people, files, and apps in one shared workspace.

Quickly find what you need and work together in real time or async to keep your project on track.

Less multitasking, better task management

Keeping everyone aligned over long-running, complex projects takes a lot of time, effort, and manual work. Switchboard improves project management by uniting everything–and everyone–you need in one central location.

Assign tasks, check workflows and due dates, and see who’s working on what—without switching between multiple tools and tabs.

  • A huge canvas to visually organize projects, with apps, documents, and files in one view
  • Dedicated, persistent project rooms that save your work
  • Interactive, multiplayer browsers that support all your existing web apps
  • In-room sticky notes, whiteboards, chat, polls, and surveys to gather and leave feedback
  • Video calls for interactive working sessions
  • Room recording to leave video notes for asynchronous communication
  • AI to help with writing, brainstorming, and advanced task management

Focus on tasks, not multitasking

Get more done—and spend less time hunting for information–by managing projects in one place.   

Operations teams use Switchboard to move projects forward, faster

Operations teams will know how tricky it is to:
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    Streamline operational processes for projects
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    Balance efficiency with operational excellence
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    Manage equipment and resource allocation

Switchboard solves all these issues with always-open rooms that save your work, so it’s right there whenever anyone needs it. Stay aligned, communicate in context, and keep projects moving forward and on schedule.

"Demoing features with multiple shared screens, private one-on-one channels with persistent resources, and the ability to embed reference materials to a meeting are features I can’t imagine living without. The app looks great, runs well, and is an absolute asset to our team"

— Adam Yost,


Organize everything by project

Projects lack context when information is scattered all over the place and difficult to find. And digging around in different tools, tabs, and Slack threads to find what you need is a huge time suck.

Switchboard lets you bring all the pieces of your project together in one permanent room for the whole team to access any time. Project scope in a PDF? Tasks in Asana? Presentation in Google Slides? Add them to the room—Switchboard works with all your browser-based tools.

Checking the progress on a quarterly planning deck in a Switchboard room
Online collaboration tools in a team room in Switchboard

Work together—or asynchronously—on all your apps and docs

Multiplayer browsers let you work side-by-side in real time on documents, apps, and files. Or you can hop into the room to make progress on your own schedule. Just add what you need to the room with a simple copy/paste and get started. No lengthy downloads and no complex integrations.

Get up to speed in always-open rooms

Everything in your room stays right where you left it, so all the pieces of your project are easy to find. Team members can jump into the room anytime to work together or make progress on their own schedule.

Colleagues working together in a 1 on 1 room in Switchboard with browsers showing metrics, the current product sprint and a ticket tracker

Have fewer, more productive meetings

You need some meetings to make progress—but some you can definitely do without! Share updates in the room instead so people can get up to speed async. This means you can cancel more meetings and get back time for focus work.

When you do meet, you can get straight down to business on the call, working side by side on multiplayer browsers instead of sharing screens. Sticky notes, chat, polls, and surveys get everyone engaged and contributing—and leave a record for the next person.


Everything you need for your project in one place.

Switchboard unites all your people, apps, and files in persistent rooms that save your work.

Works with all your apps—without integrations

FAQs about project management tool for operations teams

Can Switchboard be used for project management?

Switchboard can be used to streamline project management by letting you share everything you need in intuitive, persistent project rooms. From project management software to Gantt charts, Kanban boards to task lists, all your favorite project management apps work in Switchboard without integrations.

Managing projects, sprint planning, and resource management are easier when all the people and information you need are in the same place. This lets you prioritize better and track project progress, timelines, and milestones without digging through multiple apps to find and share information.

What is a persistent room?

A persistent room saves your work, so you and your team always have access to information—before, during, and between meetings. Anyone from freelancers and small teams to large and small businesses can use persistent rooms for real time and async team collaboration. Stakeholders just enter the room to get updates and make progress anytime.

What is a multiplayer browser?

A multiplayer browser lets team members open any browser-based file, document, or project management tool–Asana, Jira, Trello, ClickUp, etc.–and work on it side by side with team members. Because everyone can see, click, and scroll on the browser, there's no need to share your screen or wait for your turn to contribute, there's no need to share your screen or wait for your turn to contribute. 

How can I use Switchboard to work between meetings?

You can use Switchboard to work between meetings in persistent project rooms that save all your browser-based apps as well as documents and files. Create your room and add whatever you need—dashboards, collaboration tools, roadmaps, checklists, and to-do lists. It all stays there, so team members can get updates and check project scheduling, subtasks, and task dependencies, and make progress anytime.