Get more done with a virtual meeting tool for business analysts

Make meetings worth the time

Does it feel like you have way too many meetings—and they’re not even helpful?

Cut down on in-person and online meetings while getting more done in the ones you do actually need.

Work side-by-side in real-time or async alone on projects, tools, and files in a collaborative workspace.

Switch from talking to doing

Traditional video conferencing tools are great for talking about work, but not so much for doing it. One-sided screen sharing and a lack of spontaneity make it hard to get everyone to contribute. 

Switchboard helps you move the needle together by making everything multiplayer—so you can work side-by-side. Persistent rooms also save your work so you never lose track. Just hop on the call and start collaborating or dive into a room on your own time to move a project forward async.

Key features:

  • Live video and meeting recording
  • Interactive, multiplayer browsers
  • A huge canvas to visually organize apps, documents, and files in one view  
  • In-room whiteboards for brainstorming, ideation, and creative collaboration
  • Dedicated, persistent project and meeting rooms that save your work  
  • In-room sticky notes, chat, polls, and surveys
  • No integrations needed: All browser-based apps work in Switchboard  
  • AI to help with writing, brainstorming, and expediting other tasks

Reduce context switching

Centralize team communication and project management—so you can get more done, together.

"I honestly wish I could go back in time and use this for all my past meetings—the amount of time and effort that would have been saved, and the more creative collaboration achieved, is unreal."

— Sophie Smith,

Insights, LinkedIn

Get everyone contributing and working together

In Switchboard, every browser-based document, website, app, or file is multiplayer. This means everyone can contribute in real time or async. No more waiting your turn to raise a hand or share your screen.

Just open up your whiteboards, sticky notes, browsers, or apps and work on the same content side-by-side.

Communicate in context

Keeping track of browser tabs, Slack messages, and long email threads used to be a time sink. In Switchboard, grab whatever you need for your video calls–notes, media, cloud folder, tools–and organize them in collaborative meeting rooms so you don’t have to search for them. 

Loom, Google Docs, Jira, Figma—all browser-based apps work in Switchboard. No downloads or clunky integrations necessary. Just open them up with a simple copy-paste and have everything you need in one place and ready for your team meeting.

Move projects forward, even after meetings

Check on dashboards, project tracking tools, or snag a document in your dedicated meeting room, whenever you need to. If someone can’t attend a meeting—or you want to explain a finding—record sessions and add them to your room to keep all team members up to date, no matter when they’re online. 

Save your work in always-open, persistent rooms

Every room is persistent, meaning that everything you open stays right there for you to work on next time. Project briefs, chat history, meeting recordings—just pick up right where you left off without losing progress, whether it’s for a working meeting or async heads down time.

Keep information organized by project

Stop tracking down meeting links and files by keeping everything organized in its own project room. Easily move work forward with team members in real time or between meetings. 

Different work schedules? Let the built-in AI assistant summarize notes or help answer questions when you work asynchronously.


Make meetings more productive with a multiplayer experience and persistent rooms that save your work. No more lengthy meeting prep or sharing materials before or after the call.

Project rooms

Keep everything connected to your project in one place and allow your team permanent access for both synchronous and asynchronous work—they never need a host or a meeting link to jump in and start working.


Have more spontaneous interactions and engaging 1:1s. Jump into a 1:1 room with a single click—so you can find your people quickly and build stronger teams.


Ready to share more than just your screen?

With Switchboard, every meeting is multiplayer. Just jump into your persistent Switchboard room and start working, in real time or async. 

Frequently asked questions about virtual meeting tools for business analysts

What are virtual meeting tools?

Virtual meeting tools are platforms that allow you to meet and work alongside your colleagues in real time, no matter where you are. They can also be known as video conferencing software because they’re typically used for conference calls, so you can communicate face-to-face with your team, whether you do in-person or remote work. Examples of traditional video conferencing platforms include:

  • Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype)
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

However, virtual meeting software can be more than just a way to live stream video meetings. An online digital workspace, like Switchboard, combines web conferencing with persistent rooms that save your work even after the meeting is over. Meeting participants can access any app or browser without having to switch tabs or worry about awkward screen sharing. This means team members can work together easily synchronously and asynchronously, boosting productivity and building stronger relationships.

What are the benefits of virtual meeting software?

Virtual meeting software offers several benefits, like:

  • Increased visibility over projects and tasks 
  • Ability to work side-by-side on documents in real time, thanks to file sharing
  • Improved communication across teams and departments
  • Better record keeping and ability to access and store meeting recordings and transcripts
  • More training opportunities through workshops and webinars

When used effectively, online meeting tools improve your work environment by allowing everyone from small teams to larger departments to collaborate, becoming more cross-functional and efficient.

What are four advantages of virtual meetings?

Well-conducted and engaging virtual meetings help you build connected teams who enjoy working together. Some other advantages of online meetings include:

  • Ability to work together from anywhere and regardless of team members’ time zones
  • More efficient decision-making and tighter agendas leading to higher productivity 
  • Enhanced participation and equal opportunities for everyone to contribute
  • Team-building thanks to opportunities to host quizzes or encourage everyone to interact through instant messaging and emoji reactions