See why remote workers are switching from Kosy

Feel like you're together in the same room — not a video game. Give your team a place to go to find each other without feeling like you're working in a video game.

Gather in rooms built for collaboration

Create rooms for all of your team's meetings and projects to keep everyone and everything organized.

Meeting memory for recurring meetings

Find everything you need in one place

See apps, files, and people side-by-side. Rooms save anything you add for the next time you get together.

Feel more connected

Rooms are ready when you are. Schedule time together or just pop in on a moment's notice.

a list of 1 on 1 rooms

Compare Switchboard and virtual office tools

Metaverse / Virtual Office
Permanent rooms for meetings, projects, and more (similar to messaging app channels)
Public and private rooms for your whole company
Share content in the cloud without sharing your screen
See who is online at a glance
Customizable visuals to fit your team's style
Cloud browsers that work with all web-based apps you already use without any integration
Open multiple apps, PDFs, images, and videos side-by-side without screensharing
Move between rooms with a single click without navigating a floor plan
Link meeting rooms directly to your calendar invites
Full-size focus on external content
Join meeting audio from your phone

How to start working asynchronously with your team in Switchboard

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“Switchboard creates virtual rooms to foster better collaboration”

It's time to be yourself, not an avatar

Matt Kasner
Product Designer

"I've used Switchboard and absolutely love it for team collaboration. So much opportunity to remove inefficiencies with this product!"

Jon Kallus
Founder, Fate v Future

"Switchboard somehow combines Zoom, Chrome, and Miro into one collaborative super app so good that it just may end the in person v remote work debate."

Arthur Mateos
CEO and Founder, QuantFu

"Switchboard is great! It's really neat to be able to collaborate using the same apps we use like Figma and Google Docs all in one place."

Nothing to install,
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You won't miss sharing your screen. We promise!