Deliver more engaging trainings and faster customer onboarding

Move your audience from checked-out to hands-on with shared control of everything in the room, even browsers.

Works with all the apps you already use

Plus thousands more!

A team goes reviews a project roadmap together in Switchboard using in linear and add tasks to a sprint

Share, don’t just show

Double the retention of your training by giving everyone a cursor to control. Switch to present mode when you need to bring the focus back to what you’re doing.


Less prep, more productivity

Switchboard rooms stay how you leave them between meetings. Just create a room once for each type of training session and it’s ready whenever you need it.

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Add cloud browsers, files, images, videos, PDFs, sticky notes, or just share your screen.

See everything you need, all in one place

No more fumbling between browser tabs (or worrying that you forgot to turn off your notifications). Share files, sites, web apps, and yes, even your screen.


It's time to get a room
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Nothing to download, nothing to install