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TL;DR: Cloud browsers = no more screen sharing

Learn what you can do with a cloud browser and what kind of content can be added to a room.

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No one likes sharing their screen but sharing content is critical for remote collaboration. We designed cloud browsers to make your meetings and projects feel more like you’re working side-by-side with someone.

Here’s how cloud browsers make your Switchboard experience different from video conference meetings:

You don’t have to share your screen

First, you can share websites and web-based apps in your Switchboard room instead of from your personal computer. Cloud browsers live within your Switchboard room. Each person in the room can add browsers to share content instead of sharing their screen.

Open any website or web-based app within a room

Everything is more interactive

Second, you can make any site instantly collaborative. That means they are interactive for everyone. You don’t have to take turns sharing your screen. Instead, everyone can open browsers and co-browse with other folks in the room.

Everyone gets a cursor, everyone gets to contribute

You can see browsers next to each other

Multiple browsers can be added to any Switchboard room. Open Figma next to Google Docs. Open Linear next to Notion. Open your company’s website next to Trello. Rooms can handle multiple browsers so you can work in apps simultaneously.

Add browsers side by side

One more thing to know about cloud browsers: they work differently depending on the type of site or web app you add.

Single player (i.e., a news website): Websites designed for solo interaction have the same functionality as a standard web browser except⁠—and this is a big except⁠— everyone gets a cursor and can navigate within the browser.

Multiplayer  (i.e., Google Docs, Notion, Figma): These sites and web apps open like any other. The person who logs in first can interact with the browser while everyone else follows along. However, when someone else clicks within the browser, they are prompted to log in to get their own view. Once they log in to their own account, they will see and interact with their own view of the app in the same browser. Permissions are at the app level. If someone on your team has editing rights in a Google Doc, they will have editing rights in that same Google Doc in Switchboard. If they have viewing rights in a Google Doc, they will have viewing rights in that same Google Doc in Switchboard. Switchboard doesn’t change permissions for any documents in your apps. 

In addition to cloud browsers, you can open other content in the room too: PDFs, images, and videos. You can even upload any file to share with the room.

Open a room, grab a co-worker, and add some cloud browsers to get more done together.

Stop, collaborate, and listen

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