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How to build a company performance dashboard

Save time and increase alignment by building a no-code performance dashboard with all the tools you already use.

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The story of your company’s performance is bigger than any one data point. Sales and marketing data, user research, product engagement, analytics reports, customer feedback, all are critical but live in different systems and in different formats.

In Switchboard, you can bring all of your reports into one view in a Company Performance Dashboard room. Seeing all of your tools on an interactive canvas creates a richer, more actionable way to understand your business. 

Why is a dashboard room better? Instead of investing time building slide decks that go stale immediately, and sitting in meetings waiting for your turn to share your findings, you can consolidate conversation about data about all your different functions, in all your different tools, to one shared space in minutes—without any custom code.

Step-by-step guide to build a company performance dashboard in Switchboard:

1. Organize sections by Org structure or report type

Your teams can add the reports they use in product, HR, marketing, engineering, CX, sales. Keep one section at top for a TLDR: summarize what’s most important, questions to be answered, and action items.

2. Add your reports

In each section, add the reports you draw from for your leadership team’s performance reporting.

  • Marketing: Sales pipeline reports from your CRM, advertising and website performance from your marketing team
  • Product: Product adoption and retention from your product team
  • Customer experience: Retention and bug reports from your CX team
  • Engineering: Performance and cost data from your engineering team.
  • HR: Hiring plans and funnels

Copy paste the links directly into the Switchboard room. Once you log in, you can fully interact with that tool in Switchboard as you would in your local web browser. Feel free to add many reports - but try to keep this room just to the most important views! Feel free to use roll-up views that you’ve already created inside your various tools.

3. Gather your team's insights

Once the data is in, start the conversation by @mentioning teammates with questions, comments, and inviting them to add more insights. Invite anyone from the ‘share’ button to join the room.

4. Summarize top insights

To get the team involved, summarize the top insights, questions and action items by keeping them visible in sticky notes! Here’s how to get more input:

  • Ask people to add their optimization ideas to the sticky notes.
  • At any time you can ‘Ask AI’ to summarize the info in your sticky notes into a well-written summary you can save in the room or share via email or chat.

5. Record your findings

Replace your weekly reports by asking each team lead to record a quick walk-through of the results in the room. Share a link to the recording that they can view on their own.

Want more input? You have two options:

  1. Use the open questions app in the More section in the bottom toolbar to ask the group questions about the funnel.
  2. Create a comment thread on specific reports or sections to talk to subject matter experts about the part of the business they’re responsible for.

Build your first dashboard room in 30 seconds

Switchboard can help you better understand your company's performance — weaving together the intricate tapestry of data from sales, marketing, and more into an easy-to-digest Company Performance Dashboard. Eliminate the clutter of slide deck versions and scheduled meetings. Instead try offering a space where teams collaborate effortlessly, encourage team discussions, summarize top takeaways, and spark optimization ideas across departments.

Switchboard goes beyond traditional data visualization, transforming performance management into an ongoing dialogue. Have questions? Contact and we’ll help you get set up.

Take the hour back
Create a shared company performance dashboard that integrates all your data in one place.
Build your dashboard

Frequently asked questions

What applications work in Switchboard?

Any tool that you can use in your browser works in Switchboard. Analytics, CRM, monitoring, email, CMS, chat, blogs and marketing websites…you name it! For tools in your org that require log in, you’ll need to log in periodically just like you would normally in your computer’s web browser. Teammates will need the same access they’d normally need to log in and use web tools - but you can grant shared control while you’re in the room together for an ‘over the shoulder’ experience, and you can leave up screenshots and videos of content that require log in to enable broader access!

Who has access to the room?

You can set the room to only be accessible to those you invite, one at a time, OR allow anyone in your workspace to access the room on their own. No one can enter the room without you inviting them.

Will the data update automatically?

Data inside dashboards, consoles, or any web tool don’t update via API (yay! No integrations! Every tool you could possibly want!) but by refreshing the page when you join the room, just like if you were viewing that report in your web browser. Don’t think of the room as a replacement for monitoring or other async analytics reporting, but as a fresh place where everyone can look at the same data in one view while they talk; either in real time or asynchronously via video recordings, notes, and threads. 

How can people ask questions?

Switchboard is made for working together, and there are nearly as many ways of connecting in Switchboard as there is in real life! Video calls are great in Switchboard, as is chat in the room. The dedicated Open Questions app is a great way to record and resolve big questions that your team comes up with in meetings or on their own time, and focused Threads let you leave comment on any screenshot, note, and website - especially your tools without built-in comments and public websites - in a way that’s familiar but impossible in any other tool. 

Can we also use the room for a meeting?

Our users love video calls in Switchboard! We let you all interact with everything in the room at once (great for heads down work and workshops), use multiple screen shares at once, but also let you present to others and follow others like you’re used to in a traditional video conference. It’s also totally fine to work together without a video call or use another video conferencing service! But we think you’ll like doing it in Switchboard :) 

What is a company performance dashboard?

Company Performance is inclusive of everything that affects the well-being of your business; not just product, sales, and customers, but feedback, research, finances, and operations. Typically these dashboards are challenging to build due to the various sets of tools and processes required to support the different functional needs. 

What are the benefits of creating a company performance dashboard?

Do you care about your marketing performance, sales performance, product engagement, customer requests and feedback, but are just as intent onto your financial performance, employee morale, and hiring? Of course you do - it’s your business. A company performance dashboard breaks down the silos between your functions, tools, and data structures and lets you review everything that matters to you at the same time, with the collaborative functionality you’d expect from a whiteboarding tool - so your questions don’t remain unanswered long and your ideas turn into action. When the conversation happens next to the data in Switchboard, action happens faster and more reliably. Accountability comes with visibility!

What type of information is included in a performance dashboard?

The most important results of your business! The exact details will depend on the nature of your business; but if you have sales funnels, marketing channels, customer feedback, then those will all fit in.

Take the hour back
Create a shared company performance dashboard that integrates all your data in one place
Build your dashboard

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