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Switchboard is a Fast Company 2023 Most Innovative Company
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Fast Company names Switchboard a 2023 Most Innovative Company

Switchboard is recognized for building the next generation of remote collaboration software

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Every year, Fast Company recognizes organizations that embody innovation across industries, highlighting those challenging the status quo—and this year we are honored and thrilled to have been placed on the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies list.

This award means a lot to us. If you’ve been following Switchboard since the beginning—as Fast Company Magazine has been—you’d know that innovation is at the heart of our mission and all that we do. Why? Because we truly believe that the future of work is remote and that new technologies can revolutionize how people live and businesses operate.

Fast Company Most Innovative Company

It’s 2023—requiring workers to be in the same city doesn't make any sense anymore. Being an office-centric company limits your talent pool, clogs our highways, and hinders diversity. However, too many teams don’t have the tools they need to effectively collaborate regardless of where they live. That’s what we’ve set out to change.

Today, Switchboard is a home base for remote teams who want to work on projects together. Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, our secret sauce is that we shifted the emphasis from faces and screen shares to content and multiplayer experiences. By allowing everyone to add and edit browsers, applications, or documents together—or async—Switchboard workspaces promote the type of collaboration remote teams need, now.

It wasn’t inevitable that we would be here today. Innovation requires an incredible amount of optimism and hard work, especially in a competitive market with huge and established players. It is much easier to sit back and accept the status quo, even if the status quo isn’t quite cutting it. But that’s not what we want—or what remote workers deserve. We know there is a better way because we live it every day.

Thank you again to Fast Company for this incredible award—we’re honored to have received the same recognition as past recipients like Stripe, Airbnb, and Spotify.

If you’re ready to try something truly innovative, sign up for Switchboard today.

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