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Free gift ideas for co-workers
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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 free gift ideas for your co-workers

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are free

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Not sure what to get your co-worker for the holidays? We put together a list of free ideas they’ll cherish.

10 free gift ideas to give a co-worker

1. Share something you learned from them this year

If you’re lucky, you’re learning new things every day at work. Whether someone introduced you to a new tool or said something that changed the way you think, let them know! Chances are, they may not even realize the impact they had on you.

2. Offer to take a task off their plate

To Do lists can get hella long towards the end of the year. Ask if you can help by offloading a small task or being a sounding board. Either way, you can lighten their load. (Dang, I wish someone would do my laundry.)

3. Cancel a meeting and send them a holiday un-invite

Nothing beats the gift of time. Skip the gold watch and cancel a meeting instead. You can memorialize it with a custom un-invitation.

Holiday un-invitation
The one-size-fits-all gift everyone will love: one less meeting.

4. Give them a compliment (related to work)

Everyone’s good at something. Take a moment and think about your co-workers’ superpowers and tell them why they’re awesome. It could be anything from their mad Excel skills to their ability to give and receive feedback.

5. Tell their manager about something awesome they did

Kick the compliment up a notch by relaying the feedback to the person’s manager. As a manager, it never gets old to hear how your team is excelling. And as an individual contributor, it always feels great to get specific feedback on how you rock.

6. Leave a co-worker a review on LinkedIn

If you don’t feel like writing a full recommendation, you can endorse them for skills. Either way, you’ll publicly celebrate their awesomeness (which by the way, are actually skills on LinkedIn).

Will you endorse for co-worker for General Awesomeness or just Awesomeness?

7. Make them a playlist to listen to at work

The right soundtrack makes the day fly by faster. At Switchboard, we have a Weekly DJ where someone creates and shares a playlist for the rest of the team. Make your won playlist or just share one you like to put a smile on their face and some pep in their step.

8. Reach out to a former co-worker and let them know they’re on your mind

Be a surprise blast from the past and delight an old colleague with a quick hello. They’ll love hearing from you and it’ll fill your bucket, too.

9. Invite someone to go on a walk to get fresh air

Not to be a downer but sitting all day is slowly killing us. Get off your bum and go for a walk with a co-worker, even if it’s just around the block. If you’re remote, you can talk on the phone while you walk.

10. Smile when they share pics of their pets or kids

This one’s easy: if someone posts a picture of their pets or kids, give them a smile or a like. Sharing personal info is one way people try to connect with others. A simple positive acknowledgment shows you care (even if they overshare).

Smile-worthy furry friends

So go ahead: cancel that meeting, share a compliment, put together a playlist. Showing your co-workers you care is the greatest gift of all.

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