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HubSpot invests in Switchboard
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HubSpot invests in Switchboard

This investment shows HubSpot's commitment to hybrid and remote teams

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When I started Switchboard during the pandemic, so many people were starving for real connection. But the tools we had at our disposal weren’t doing what we needed them to do–they were bandaids, allowing us to see faces and talk but not actually work together.

That’s when the idea for Switchboard was born.

The mission of this company is to help people build real relationships at work and collaborate as if they’re in person. When looking for investors to help us, we wanted them to be totally aligned with that mission as well.

That is why I am so excited to announce that HubSpot has invested in Switchboard.

HubSpot is dedicated to growing with a conscience and succeeding with a soul. When looking at their software and the community they’ve built around it, it is clear that they are succeeding at this mission. We, too, believe that there is a better, more empathetic way to do business–one that values human beings just as much as profit.

HubSpot’s investment in Switchboard is proof that they are deeply committed to innovation and improving how teams and companies operate–and that they see that commitment in Switchboard as well.

“Cultivating meaningful connections is the key to unlocking the potential of any team – and as a result, any business – which is something both HubSpot and Switchboard are passionate about,” said Brandon Greer, Head of HubSpot Ventures. “We’re thrilled to invest in Switchboard and support the solutions their team is creating to help hybrid and remote teams grow better together.” 

Why building connections matters

Like HubSpot, I agree that cobbled tech solutions don’t serve our customers or build connections. The SaaS fragmentation so many teams experience–too many tools, notifications, and tabs to sort through every day–doesn’t align teams and foster collaboration. In fact, a lot of today’s SaaS technology builds silos and distances cross-functional teams from each other. The ripple effects of this are pretty widespread, from individual burnout to poor business outcomes.

Rather than continuing to buy random applications, leaders need to find tools and partners, like HubSpot and Switchboard, that enable true connection and collaboration for all teams–remote, hybrid, or in-person–instead of contributing to the noise.

How does Switchboard do this? We’ve built a tool that lets teams bring their disparate tech stack into a visual, collaborative canvas–allowing them to work on any project together in real-time or asynchronously. With persistent project-based rooms, everyone knows where to go to find everything they need instead of wasting time searching for apps, docs, or images–in other words, getting lost in fragmented SaaS.

By creating a collaborative digital workspace for remote and hybrid teams, Switchboard is saving our customers time and money–and helping them retain talent–because employees are able to work together more productively, and feel connected to each other and their work.

Although both HubSpot and Switchboard are powerful on their own, we know that our partnership strengthens us all–and our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to receive this strategic investment from HubSpot and look forward to working together to build more engaged hybrid teamwork experiences.

Stop, collaborate, and listen

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