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Release note: Switchboard AI
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Release Notes: Switchboard AI

The first AI assistant for your entire work environment

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Switchboard AI is here! Meet the first AI assistant for your entire work environment.

With Switchboard AI, you can:

  • Add AI to every app in your room, whether or not they already have AI built in—including all your SaaS tools, PDFs, browsers, and files
  • Gather insights across multiple applications and files in a single step
  • Summarize information—like notes, brainstorm ideas, information in browsers—using the apps in your room for context

Save time with AI on every app

Because Switchboard AI adds a layer of intelligence to everything in your room, that means you can easily summarize, analyze, and converse with apps, websites, and PDFs that don’t have AI built into them.

Switchboard AI menu
AI can help you save time, generate ideas, and synthesize information.

Use one AI across multiple apps

Imagine if you could pull insights from two apps at the same time? With Switchboard AI, you can. For example, you can enter a project room that’s filled with apps, docs, and stickies and ask Switchboard AI to summarize what’s going on.

Switchboard AI response
Use AI for Q&A with a long PDF
Have questions? Learn more about Switchboard AI.

How to access Switchboard AI

You can access Switchboard AI in four ways:

  1. Right-click on any app you want to interact with
  2. Use the AI icon in the apps toolbar
  3. Click on the AI icon in your room’s bottom bar
  4. Click on the AI icon on the app you’d like to prompt
AI icon
Hover over a PDF to access the AI icon

Saving and clearing conversations

Once you make a request, if you close the window, you can quickly get back to what you were doing by opening Switchboard AI from the icon in the bottom bar. Also, if you want to save a conversation for future reference, you can:

  1. Download the transcript from the three dot menu in the top right
  2. Copy the most recent output to your clipboard
  3. Click the AI icon below the output and select "Open in stickies" to create a new sticky note in the room. 

Conversations with Switchboard AI will clear after you start a completely new request. You can also clear a conversation anytime from the three dot menu in the top right corner.

Data privacy

As always, privacy is a top priority. None of your conversations will be used to train any LLMs and all Switchboard AI conversations are private—no one else in the room can read them. Not into AI? No problem. You can easily turn off Switchboard AI in your settings.

Learn more about Switchboard AI.

Switchboard AI is available to everyone on the Switchboard Pro plan.

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