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Release notes: Updated browser permissions
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Release notes: Updated browser permissions

Now you have more control over who can interact with certain browsers

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Shared control is a powerful way of getting more done together.

With it, you can give everyone access to any app in the room and work on documents together as if you're working from the same computer.

Choose whether others can control your browser or not

Easily share control of Switchboard browsers

Every time you open a new browser in a Switchboard room, you can control how other people in the room can interact with it. By default, new browsers are set to View Only. Click to change the setting in the top right corner of the browser. You can choose from:

  • View only: Anyone can see but only you can interact with this browser. Others can open their own personal view or request that you share control.
  • Shared control: Anyone can interact with the browser while you are in the room. 

With these updated permissions you can manage who can view, control, and browse the tools you place in Switchboard rooms. These added permissions let you easily limit information and control who has access to what.

Want to roll up your sleeves when the browser owner isn't in the room? Open a private view or copy and get to work. This change makes rooms much more valuable between meetings.

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