Speed up sprint planning meetings in interactive rooms

Side-by-side browsers with your roadmap, bug tracking tool, and your weekly agenda doc keep your engineers and designers on track throughout each sprint.

Works with all the apps you already use

Plus thousands more!

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Never prep the same meeting twice

No more last minute scrambling for your product roadmap and tracking tools in every meeting. Everything you open is there where you left it the next week.


Supercharge your favorite apps

All the apps you rely on work in Switchboard—Google Docs, Jira, Figma, Amplitude. And now you can work in all of them side-by-side.

A project meeting reviewing reports, a presentation, and an agenda document
A team goes reviews a project roadmap together in Switchboard using in linear and add tasks to a sprint

No more awkward screen sharing

No more wasting time swapping control of the screen. With browsers in the cloud, everyone gets a cursor to prioritize features, close bugs, and share what they’re working on.


It's time to get a room
(for free!)

Nothing to download, nothing to install