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Remote collaboration that’s as good as in person

Bring the tools your team uses into a digital workspace where you can work on any project, with any application

Every app your team uses works in Switchboard. Yep, all of them.

Virtual projects, in-person energy

Let’s face it—screen shares and video calls don’t cut it for highly collaborative remote and hybrid teams. Switchboard connects your teams, apps, and customers all in one shared workspace.

Feel like you’re in the same room

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    Shift focus from talking heads to the work you’re doing together

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    See all of your apps, files, images side by side in one room

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    Leave everything open for the next time you get together

Three people working on a project proposal in Switchboard with sticky notes for memos, action items, and scheduling
A project manager checks the switchboard project for a chat and project tracker chart

Make meetings more engaging

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    Make every app and website immediately multiplayer

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    Get everyone actively participating instead of just listening

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    Work in multiple apps without sharing screens or toggling tabs

Get better visibility into projects

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    Give projects their own room for easier tracking

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    See individual team member contributions

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    Find the links and docs you’re looking for

Checking the progress on a quarterly planning deck in a Switchboard room
Colleagues working together in a 1 on 1 room in Switchboard with browsers showing metrics, the current product sprint and a ticket tracker

Bring back spontaneity

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    Quickly jump into 1:1 rooms for spontaneous conversations

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    Add content in the moment without taking turns sharing screens

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    Recreate the ease of unscheduled hallway conversations

Rooms for every type of remote work

Easily connect with other people, work with project stakeholders, and keep clients informed in dedicated rooms.

A creative design meeting for a website redesign kickoff call

Team rooms

Save on prep time and improve alignment in internal meetings including team meetings, standups, planning sessions, all hands, and 1:1s.

“Bye, Zoom: This smart new app is the future of online meetings”

Project rooms

Make decisions faster during cross-functional working sessions, design reviews, quarterly planning, feature prioritization, and status updates.

Interactive shared browsers mean more working, less endless talking

Customer rooms

Delight your clients in dedicated spaces for interactive sales demos, onboarding meetings, training sessions, and support channels.

See what all the fuss is about

Hybrid teams deserve a permanent home base. Get yours.

Remote & hybrid teams feel more connected in Switchboard

Chris Messina
Product Lead, Republic

"It's been a while since I've been so stoked about a gamechanger like Switchboard. You really have to try it to understand how it completely rewrites your expectation of digital collaboration."

Chris Ferrer
Founder, SuChef

"Switchboard has changed the way I work with teams and even do solo work. It's incredibly powerful, fast, and easy to use."

Arthur Mateos
CEO and Founder, QuantFu

"Switchboard is great! It's really neat to be able to collaborate using the same apps we use like Figma and Google Docs all in one place."

Adam Yost

"Demoing features with multiple shared screens, private one-on-one channels with persistent resources, and the ability to embed reference materials to a meeting in general are features I can no longer imagine living without. The app looks great, runs well, and is an absolute asset to our team."

Sophie Smith
Insights, LinkedIn

"I honestly wish I could go back in time and use this for all my past meetings - the amount of time and effort that would have been saved, and the more creative collaboration achieved, is unreal."

Jon Kallus
Founder, Fate v Future

"Spend a few minutes with it, and it becomes clear that it is a complete step change beyond any mainstream collaboration tool out there."

Each room is protected

Control member and guest room access, sign in with SSO and 2FA, and keep your work secure with state-of-the-art encryption.


Ready to get started?

Next time you’re trying to get something done, instead of talking about getting something done just do it in Switchboard.