Use cases

Less context switching, more context setting

Host meetings, work together or separately, and access key docs and apps—all in the same place.

Get started with your first room, fast

What can your team achieve in a room?

Product Management

Move through demos with no awkward handoffs. Engage your team during sprint planning. Share your roadmap work.


Host cohesive critique meetings. Keep research and feedback right next to your designs. Share images and videos directly without preparing a presentation.


Create an account-focused room for each client. Give smooth and interactive demos in the same space where you share follow up materials so nothing gets lost.


Stay on target by keeping your brief, copy, and design side-by-side. See and share feedback across any tool. Keep a pulse on growth and spend with dashboard hubs.

Creative Agencies

Give your creative teams and clients a huge shared work canvas. Bring multimedia to life during meetings (while still seeing faces) to gauge reactions and interactions.

Customer Success

Deepen relationships with personalized rooms. Keep training and onboarding docs in the same space where you meet. Share what you've built and interact with it together.


Make room
for a better way to work

Break out of browser tabs into an interactive workspace canvas that fits any size team or project—and all the apps you use.