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Get more done as a team, no matter where you sit.

Stop toggling between tabs and losing documents. Move projects and meetings over to Switchboard for real collaboration.

Work together on any project, with any application

Create persistent rooms to use in and between meetings. With better collaboration, everyone wins.

Imagine: all the pieces of your project, together at last. Drag, drop, and organize apps, docs, and notes in one place. Give access to team members so you can meet together or async to finish projects, fast.

Speed up sprint planning—and keep your team on track—by saving everything in one place. Add side-by-side browsers with your roadmap, bug tracking tool, and weekly agenda to keep engineers and designers moving throughout each sprint.

Instead of using standard pitch decks, close deals faster with hands-on demo sessions. Switch between your product, pitch deck, videos, and testimonials without sharing your screen. Let prospects explore the demo space and try out your product.

Whether you have regular 1:1s with your reports or ad hoc meetings with peers, dedicated 1:1 rooms make it easy to keep track of progress, share documents or files, and collaborate.

Move trainings from checked-out to hands-on with shared control of everything in the room, even browsers. Shorten prep time by adding apps, docs, and files to your room—they’ll always be there ready for the next training session.

Make remote all-hands engaging and lively. Create a dynamic place to gather where people can add content—apps, files, documents, videos—to easily share ideas and information.

See everything your team is reviewing side-by-side. Add websites, web-based apps like Figma, video, and stills to your room for everyone to navigate. Forget handing off screen sharing and sorting through browser tabs—shared control makes collaboration natural.

Keep your clients organized—and happy—with custom rooms. Created a dedicated meeting space for each account where you can meet and work together. Add important files, apps, and docs so you never have to search for—or re-share them—again.

When things go sideways, your team needs to move fast. With a dedicated war room for incident response or escalations—pre-populated with files, links, and documents—your team will know where to go and how to solve problems quickly.

Each workspace comes with unlimited rooms for all types of gatherings, from brainstorms to stand ups, retrospectives, employee onboarding, and more. What will your team accomplish together?

Once you use Switchboard, it's hard to go back

Lynne Baur
Owner and Artist, Dragonfly Spirit Studio

"Everyone’s reaction has basically been, 'Please tell me we can use Switchboard all the time now. You can’t show me this and then make me go back to Zoom!'"

Elliott Brown
Director of Marketing, OnPay

"Imagine a big Figma board, but with anything you want and your teammates in there."

Nicola Badenhorst
Product Designer, Logic + Rhythm

"My favourite use of Switchboard has been the ability to use Figma within Switchboard for our design reviews. No more asking "Do you see my screen", sharing of the links or an agenda. Everything is located within our design room and the team can access it anytime and check out upcoming features we're working on. 👩🎨"

Trevor Sookraj
Founder, Divisional

"Saves so much time for multiple teams (sales, engineering, etc.) — basically like having physical meeting rooms that are set up when you walk in!"


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