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The 3 best SpatialChat alternatives for remote teams
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The 3 best SpatialChat alternatives for remote teams

Remote teams need an online workspace platform that’s designed for collaboration—like these 3 SpatialChat alternatives.

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On February 7, 1984, astronaut Bruce McCandless made history by becoming the first person to perform a spacewalk without a cord to tether him to the spaceship. He used a propeller, or a Manned Maneuvering Unit, to complete the untethered walk without drifting into space. 

But no astronaut ever really walks alone. Like McCandless, they have to be connected with their team via comms to survive—even when they’re alone in space. Remote workers are like astronauts in that way. Without a way to connect and collaborate, they can float away from each other, feeling disengaged and cut off. 

Enter virtual workspace software. 

Virtual workspace software helps teams connect, collaborate, and create a positive work culture. More than just a place to share documents, it’s an interactive place where you and your fellow explorers can form deep relationships as you orbit the globe—and make remote work just as good as (or better than) in-person.

Think of virtual workspace software as your international space station: a base for people to connect, no matter where in the world they are. 

SpacialChat is one of the best online workspaces out there. It brings distributed teams together through personalized offices and rooms, improving cross-team productivity. It’s great for large remote or hybrid organizations looking to host virtual meetings and conferences. 

But if that’s not you, you may be looking for a SpatialChat alternative.

We’ve done the homework for you and put together a list of three alternatives that might work better for your unique needs. 

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Top SpatialChat alternatives to connect your people no matter where they are in the Universe 

  1. Switchboard: a browser-based virtual workspace that brings small remote teams in every industry together for a multiplayer working experience.
  2. Teamflow: a virtual sales floor for sales teams that need a central space for cold call power hours, live coaching, and training.
  3. Remotion: an online meeting tool made specifically to help engineers work together to solve technical problems more easily.

Let’s look at these top three SpacialChat alternatives, and how they streamline virtual collaboration in the workplace, in more detail.

1. Switchboard 

Switchboard is a browser-based virtual workspace software that launches a multiplayer experience by allowing your team to meet and collaborate on documents and apps inside a virtual room—without having to share their screens.

Switchboard lets you communicate in real time with video, audio, and chat. You can also work side-by-side allowing everyone to scroll, type, and browse the same document at the same time. 

You can create cloud-based virtual rooms for brainstorming, host spontaneous 1:1s with your team, and connect with clients in an interactive space. 

The platform is designed to foster team communication, collaboration, and productivity. And it connects your free-floating spacewalkers to the mothership through free video conferencing and intuitive meeting rooms that double as a virtual canvas. 

Throughout the meeting, you can explore any file in the room, moving around and viewing whatever you want without getting in the way of others. Best of all, Switchboard saves all your files after every meeting, so you never need to download anything or repopulate the room again.

Want a quick tour of the app to see how it works? Check out the video below.

Key features: 

  • Shared online workspace and rooms for recurring meetings
  • Web-based canvas to add multiple apps, websites, PDFs, and images side by side
  • Persistent rooms that save your work
  • In-meeting video, audio, and chat
  • Secure, fast cloud browsers for instant collaboration
  • Screen sharing for native apps
  • Presentation mode
  • In-app support
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Unlimited rooms for 1:1s, meetings, and projects
  • Meeting recording
  • No integration required for web-based apps—they all work
  • Room permissions for members and guests
  • Sections to organize documents and apps
  • Host not required for members to enter a room


  • Free: Includes limited features, rooms, and members for small teams or individuals.
  • Pro: $15 member/month for up to 200 rooms and 500 members plus Switchboard AI and additional storage.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.

Best for: 

  • Highly collaborative small remote or hybrid startups looking for a comprehensive and team-oriented solution to traditional communication tools

How Switchboard compares to SpatialChat:

Switchboard vs Spatialchat comparison chart
Screenshot of Switchboard Room with multiple documents and web browsers open
Switchboard lets remote teams work on the same project and files during video calls.
Source: Switchboard

2. Teamflow

Just like astronauts need reliable communication links, remote teams need online meeting rooms that are designed for collaboration. Teamflow is a virtual sales floor that helps your remote sales teams with cold call power hours, live coaching, and training. This simple collaboration tool enables spontaneous meetings and makes learning easy. 

Unlike SpatialChat, Teamflow doesn’t give you a virtual reality office. You also can’t host webinars and networking events or create breakout rooms. Instead, it lets you create topic-related rooms where your people can call, share their screens, and make presentations.

For example, your more experienced employees can jump in on junior employees’ calls (and vice versa) to listen in and either coach them during it or give them feedback right afterward. Your team members can also join each other for power hours in “pods” or virtual rooms. Or if a rep needs help with prospecting, they can just ping a coworker and have them join their pod to work on it together.

Finally, you can hit a “virtual gong” when someone closes a sale, so you can all celebrate together. This gives real-time visibility into team activities and helps people feel like they’re working all on the sales floor together.

Key features:

  • Audio and video conferencing 
  • Topic-centered pods
  • Live one-on-one coaching 


  • Seed: $15/month/per user with limited functionality 
  • Business: $25/month/per user 
  • Sales Floor: $50/month/per user 

Best for: 

  • Distributed sales teams looking for a more collaborative way to hit their targets and boldly go where no sales rep has gone before.

How Teamflow compares to SpatialChat: 

Teamflow vs Spatialchat comparison chart
Four colleagues in a virtual video meeting using Teamflow
Teamflow’s virtual workplace solution helps sales teams collaborate better through instant meetings and live streaming.
Source: Teamflow

3. Remotion

Remotion is a virtual meeting tool built specifically to help engineers collaborate and solve technical problems more easily. For example, instead of meeting face-to-face to review code and solve bugs, developers can just share their screens and other people can draw, copy, scroll, and open content like it’s on their own screens. 

One of the things that makes this tool different from SpatialChat is that developers get an interactive, simultaneous screen-sharing experience that’s perfect for coding together. 

Its live code editor function also helps make collaboration more engaging and productive by allowing engineers to copy code from screenshare and edit it together in real time. If you're using SpatialChat, you’d have to share screens individually, and copy-paste code into the meeting chat so others can work on it. With Remotion, everything’s in one place, like a space station.

This app is a lot newer than SpatialChat and is still in beta. But if you’re looking for a straightforward, free virtual meeting tool that gives you visibility and transparency over technical problems, Remotion is a good choice. One thing to note: it only works on Mac.

Key features:

  • Audio and video conferences 
  • Interactive, side-by-side screen sharing 
  • Live code editor 
  • Meeting room for up to 40 participants
  • Currently only available for MacOS 


  • Free while in beta

Best for:

  • Small, remote teams of up to 40 people who are looking for an engaging video meeting tool built specifically for software engineers and developers. 

How Remotion compares to SpatialChat:

Remotion vs Spatialchat comparison chart
A screenshot of a colleague joining a virtual coworking room that has music playing while working
Remotion helps remote engineers work together on technical projects and solve problems just like in real life.
Source: No Hq

SpatialChat alternatives  for a multiplayer experience

Your remote workers are like astronaut Bruce McCandless, bravely venturing into the Universe to accomplish incredible things. Cool as that sounds, solo space flights aren’t always what you want. You also need to create a sense of connection and side-by-side teamwork to ground your team. 

Just like astronauts need a central base, your people need an online workspace that’s designed with remote collaboration in mind—wherever in the world they are. 

When you give your remote workers the tools they need to collaborate and communicate effectively, you connect them to each other and the company as a whole. This way, you give them the freedom to explore and unlock their true potential—while making sure no one drifts off alone into space. 

SpatialChat ticks a lot of boxes, but it might not be the best fit for you. When choosing a SpatialChat alternative, think about the unique needs and working style of your team. A workspace like Teamflow that’s made to help sales teams close more deals won’t help engineers code together better. For that, you need Remotion. 

A dedicated online workspace like Switchboard, however, is the ideal platform for all your remote teams. It’s intuitive, “always open” meeting rooms let you work on all your favorite apps and documents in one intuitive workspace. And that turns untethered remote workers into a close-knit, engaged, and productive team.

Screenshot of a Switchboard virtual meeting using different screens and open files
Switchboard lets you go beyond just hosting online meetings to create a dynamic virtual office where everyone collaborates in real time.
Source: Switchboard
Want an online workspace built for collaboration?
Switchboard gives you the multiplayer experience you need for effective team collaboration.
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Frequently asked questions about SpatialChat alternatives 

What is SpatialChat?

SpatialChat is a virtual workspace tool that brings remote or hybrid teams together through personalized offices and rooms. It lets you create your own customizable workstation, host internal meetings and virtual events, and work synchronously on the same projects. 

What is the purpose of SpatialChat?

The purpose of SpatialChat is to connect you to multiple apps, coworkers, and conversations at the same time to improve remote collaboration. By letting you host remote meetings and online events, program in pairs, and even prepare a sales pitch in a virtual space, it keeps everyone on the same page and boosts productivity.

What is the best virtual workspace software?

The best virtual workspace platform for you depends on your unique needs, company size, industry, and working style. But some popular virtual workspaces include:

  1. Switchboard: a browser-based virtual workspace that brings small remote teams in every industry together for a multiplayer working experience.
  2. Teamflow: a virtual sales floor for sales teams that need a centralized space for cold call power hours, live coaching, and training.
  3. Remotion: an online meeting tool made specifically to help engineers work together to solve technical problems more easily.

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Want an online workspace built for collaboration?

Switchboard gives you the multiplayer experience you need for effective team collaboration.